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Bio is a website that claims to be able to speed up your PC by helping you clean up the registry files. Although this may sound like a programme that is really capable of helping us out, especially since many of us are not always keen or knowledgeable on ‘cleaning up’ the files in our PC, has appeared to be an online scam that lures customers to pay to receive nothing. Customers are frequently experiencing the issues below after purchasing DoubleMySpeed’s programme Double My Speed :

1. Bad Experience

Some customers have had really bad experiences with using DoubleMySpeed programme. This Double My Speed scam works when customers start using their free trial error scan. Hundreds of errors in the PC will appear and out of concern (who wouldn’t be when hundreds of errors appear), customers will pay an amount of money to get the programme to help them clean up their PC. This, in turn, is said to be able to speed up their PC because all the junk has been cleared up. However, many DoubleMySpeed reviews have stated that not only this programme does not work at all, the ‘errors’ aren’t actually legit.

2. Marketing Gimmicks

Some customers started the free trial scan and decided to give their representative a call before proceeding with the payment. Double My Speed calls were forwarded to technicians in India whereby the technician proceeded to hack into the customer’s computer by saying that it will be easier to help them with their PC problems this way. Then, the technician brought the customer to websites whereby they have to purchase programmes that costs them a few hundred dollars and encouraged these customers to purchase them. This is obviously a scam that misleads customers into purchasing something that is not worth their buck.

3. Extra Charges

Some customers experienced problems with their DoubleMySpeed programme just ten days after purchasing it. When they proceeded to call their technicians to help them with their problem, their technicians were hard to reach and sometimes, calls were even ignored. When the customers are finally able to get hold of their technicians, extra charges were applied to something that was supposedly a free after purchase service. Customers have to pay extra charges before being able to proceed to resolve their PC issues and many have said that this is ridiculous and not worth the price at all.

Online users need to be cautious of these online scams so as to not let them take advantage and make money out of innocent users. If you are not sure as to whether a programme is genuine or not, ask or Google ?Double My Reviews? around before making any payment to avoid losses.