Arginine is working
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Nearly two years ago I posted a note detailing my experience with Taranabant.  In that post I fudged my actual weights for concern that Merck might be able to identify me and end my participation in the trial.  Since then Merck has pulled the plug on Taranabant and I am no longer concerned about them knowing that I am posting.

My actual experience was that I started at 244 pounds and I lost to 183 in 101/2 months (61 pounds lost).  I then slowly regained 9 pounds to 192 and that was my weight when I left the study in December of 2007. I was in the study for 27 months.

Since then, in January 2008, I began taking “Acomplia” from India (Slimona) for three months and it did NOTHING.  After that, I have taken nothing and my activity level has continued to drop to nearly zero.  I have gained 60 pounds since leaving the Taranabant study, or about one pound per week.

About one month ago I read and watched Larry’s report about arginine.  And, three weeks ago I started taking one gram per day.  Almost immediately, I noticed some appetite suppression but more significantly it put an end to sweet cravings and my desire to snack in between meals.  I have lost a little more than a pound each week and have every expectation that I can continue this for a long time to come.

I feel especially motivated to write this today because every Wednesday morning I attend a meeting that is catered with some of the best cinnamon rolls on earth. (The aroma alone probably causes weight gain in most mere mortals.) Today marks the third week in a row that I have easily left them alone and not felt hungry nor deprived.  (A first since discontinuing Taranabant.)  And, my cinnamon rolls experience is pretty typical of what happens throughout each day since I have been taking arginine.  I just do not have any trouble passing on sweets and/or wanting to binge. 

As to the details of my dosage: I bought a jug of 100mg capsules at GNC and took 10 per day in five 200mg doses.  I then got a jug of the powder from Beyond Century(?) and I take a heaping teaspoonful morning and evening. (PS - buy the Yuk-Away flavoring to add to the powder or be prepared for a lousy taste.)  Their labeling leaves a little to be desired and it makes knowing how much I am actually taking problematic; and that is compounded by me not having a good dope scale.  LOL  

I hope the above helps.  And, I will keep you posted as I proceed.

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Thank you very much for sharing your interesting story.

I posted it here as well so that more people will see it.


If you have any questions about dosage of arginine with Beyond A Century, you can call and ask them.

I think the store is owned by a father and son—Warren and Eric.

1-800-777-1324 phone

Another honest source of cheap arginine powder is

The owners names is Timothy McNulty.

He seems to be a very straight-forward, honest guy.

Here is his contact information.

Timothy McNulty
PureBulk Nutrition
PO Box 3843
Missoula, MT 59806

1-406-251-3270 phone
1-213-226-4677 fax