262,000 Calories and Hopelessness
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3500 calories per pound of body fat, 75 lbs overweight, is 262,000 calories I am carrying around (5ft 9, 250lbs, bmi 36.8). Maintaining aeorobic respiration by keeping HR around 135bpm, at 500 calories a day burnt at 5days/week, is about 105 continuous weeks, or over 2 years.

I need some help here.

My biggest problem is appetite. I just love to eat. It is very difficult to ‘feel full’. I do not tolerate psyllium or glucomannan well, but I was considering Guar gum in an attempt to ‘feel full’.

I was also considering this strange stuff called crosslinked polyacrylic acid hydrogel, or SWELL, from wellosophy.

I dont have a problem working out. Lifting weights and cardio is the EASY part, but that time period is just too long.

I need a comprehensive plan (this arginine is looking intereting).

Larry Hobbs, can you help?

Any and all recommendations are welcome. I would have to say that ‘feeling full’ is my biggest problem. I can ‘suffer’ by eating chicken sandwiches with light miracle whip and apples for a year….but the fact of the matter is I need to restrict my calories.

Working out actually makes me feel like I am starving, and I invariably fail because of these hunger pangs, as it is so freakin’ chronic…......not like breaking your leg. I mean, that goes away in a couple weeks basically.

btw, in college I was 165lbs, lean, and won my weight-lifting contest in that division. Obesity makes me feel like crapoloa, and I need to beat it.

thank you for any and all insight.

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High-protein, low-carb diet

High-protein, low-carb diets seem to work best for most people.

Eating protein at each meal or as a snack helps to suppress appetite.

Protein meaning meat or fish, not protein bars.

The Protein Leverage Hypothesis says that we eat in order to satisfy our protein needs.

So when we snack on carbs, we are not satisfying our protein needs and continue to be hungry.

When people lose 50 lbs or 75 lbs or 100 lbs or 150 lbs, it always seems to be with a high-protein, low-carb diet.

I’ve never heard of anyone losing a lot of weight on a low-fat diet, so I would try a high-protein, low-carb diet.

Articles on high-protein, low-carb diets are posted here:



No Regular Sodas

I would avoid sodas completely—regular sodas and diet sodas.

Researchers at Purdue University and elsewhere have found that calories from sodas do not reduce food intake by as much as solid food.

For example, if people would normally eat a 500 calorie lunch, but you give them 150 calories worth of soda before they start, they still eat 500 calories at lunch, so they end up consuming a total of 650 calories rather than 500 calories.

No Diet Sodas

I would avoid diet sodas also.

The research suggests that diet sodas may:

1.  Artificial sweeteners may disrupt the body’s ability to accurate assess calorie intake.

2.  Artificial sweeteners increase calories.

3.  Artificial sweeteners increase weight.

4.  Artificial sweeteners increase fat.

5.  Artificial sweeteners decrease calorie compensation.

6.  Artificial sweeteners decrease thermogenesis.

Articles on diet sodas are posted here:



The research suggests that lack of sleep increases appetite.

I believe this is one of the dozen or so reasons for the obesity epidemic.

We went from sleeping something like 9 hours per day a hundred years ago to sleeping something like 7 hours today.

It took me 10 years to realize that it takes me 3 hours to get to sleep after I get off the computer because of the light from the computer monitor shining in my eyes.

I also wear sunglasses for about the last 30 minutes when watching TV before going to bed and turn the brightness down on the TV because plasma TV’s are so bright.

Articles on sleep’s effect on obesity are posted here:


Suspect Any Drugs You Might Be Taking

If you are taking any drugs for anything, I would do a Google search to see if they are associated with weight gain.

I think this is very common, but not very well recognized.

Julian Whitaker, MD has said that he treated a diabetic patient who had gained 100 pounds after being on insulin for 10 years.

He said another doctor started him on 10 units of insulin and the guy gained 10 pounds.

Then after a year, the doctor increased his dose to 20 units of insulin and the guy gained 20 pounds.

The other doctor increased his dose 10 units per year for 10 years up, increasing the dose up to 100 units of insulin, and the guy ultimately gained 100 pounds.

Dr. Whitaker said something like, “How could this other doctor see this patient gain 100 pounds as he increased his dose of insulin every year and not realize what was happening?”

Dr. Whitaker took him off of insulin completely, and the guy eventually lost the 100 pounds he had gained.

Articles on some drugs that cause weight gain are posted here:


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Larry Hobbs,

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thank you for your time, sharing your deep insight, and for the website.

You are a treasure chest!

Extremely educational.

1. high protein via lean meats, soy, etc. (real food).
2. lower carbs (basically, no empty foods without protein except for veggies/fruits in light moderation). Heck, carbs are fed to cows, and take a look!
3. no sodas, diet or otherwise. Yes, I prefer water. it is extremely satisfying.
4. no sugar substitutes (learned this on your site. thank you, thank you.stopped taking splenda.)
5. 9 hours a sleep a day (problem is, is i can not sleep longer than 2hrs without getting up. tried melatonin 5mg SR, little effect, meds give me a hang over (benadryl, unisom)). So, I can ‘sleep’ for 10hrs or whatever, but keep in mind I wake up 3-4 times a night, cant seem to fix it, no matter if i go NPO after 6pm, no caffeine whatsoever, etc.
6. Review medications (i dont take any).

Now….......I do have a few things i would like clarifed.

1. I am going to take 15GM of arginine in three divided doses of 5GM after reviewing your website. I hope this is correct based on what I have read here. I have seen conflicting information, some saying 5GM or less had opposite effects, i think lowering hgh. While I weigh 250lbs, I ‘should’ weigh about 175 for my body type, IMO, so I am basing this dosage off of lean muscle mass, not my obese weight.

I am not sure if I am supposed to ‘take’ anything else, read somewhere that ornithine is not necessary, etc.

2. I am taking 5-HTP 100mg three times a day now, after reviewing your website

3. I am considering bulking agents, ie Guar gum and apple pectin. Every time I try sugar-free psyllium/metamucil, i get sick as heck (stomack wrenches for 4 hrs until i clear the bowels of the metamucil stool).

4. I am considering that biosynthetic bulking agent, SWELL, via wellosophy .com and was wondering if you could consider researching it. I dont recommend the form version after the forevergreen creepola, but review this, if you can get the thing to play thru:
http:// www. youtube.com/watch?v=cw7DRNapljI (i dont know if i can post links, so…..)

If you cant play the video, let me know and i will give you a download link.

I am very curious about this bulking agent, as I need to curb my desire to eat. I am considering taking that 4 times a day, with 4 smaller meals a day, plus the exercise, to have a net negative -1000 calories a day (-500 from food, -500 from exercise). I am also going to lift weights, as I have all the free weight equipment right here in my basement for squats, bench, presses, pull-downs, etc.

5. Taking chromium 100mcg/day

6. taking optimum nutrition whey protein, one scoop mixed in water, twice a day (necessary?)

Please, if you have heard of anything that may help me address losing weight, I would be most appreciative.

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You’re welcome.

Arginine and Growth Hormone

I’ve never heard that lower doses of arginine lowers growth hormone levels.

It is not necessary to take ornithine if you are taking arginine.

Arginine and Growth Hormone

One study suggested limiting arginine intake to 6 grams per day.

They said that higher doses could cause adverse effects.

Guar Gum More Effective Than Psyllium

I don’t like sugar-free Metamucil because it contains an artificial sweetener, I think.

The studies show that guar gum is more effective than psyllium (Metamucil) for helping people lose weight.


I am not familiar with the product SWELL, but it may be enzymatically-modified (partially hydrolyzed) guar gum.

Their website does not list Supplement Facts, so I can’t tell.

But one study used partially hydrolyzed guar gum and found it was not effective.

People may like it because regular guar gum becomes very thick when mixed in water, but the partially hydrolyzed guar gum does not.

However, the fact that regular guar gum becomes thick is the way that it works to help people lose weight.

So using partially hydrolyzed guar gum completely defeats the point.


A 5-HTP dose of 100 mg, three times per day—a total of 300 mg per day—is a lot.

Most doctors using 5-HTP give 100 mg per day.

So say the time of day does not matter, but it makes the most sense to me to take it in the early evening—maybe 6 PM—to reduce hunger in the evening.

Whey Protein

I have not seen any studies showing that whey protein helps with weight loss.

Some studies show people gaining weight.

It may be an increase in muscle, but this could be discouraging for something trying to lose weight.

No Liquid Calories

The best weight loss doctor I know tells his patients—no liquid calories.

Meal Replacements Work

However, there are many studies showing that meal replacement shakes, like SlimFast, help people lose weight.

Article on meal replacement shakes are posted here:


Meal Replacements Work Great According to Weight Loss Doctor Also

The same weight loss doctor has also told me that meal replacement shakes work great.

The kind he prefers are high-protein meal replacement shakes from HMR—Health Management Resources.

They are for sale from various sources on the web.

Just do a Google search.

Interview with Dr. Jay Piatek about Meal Replacements

Here is the section of the interview with Dr. Jay Piatek about meal replacement shakes.

The entire interview is posted here:



Hobbs:  What type of meal replacement shakes do you use?

Piatek:  High-protein meal replacement shakes from HMR—Health Management Resources. They never cause weight gain. They always cause weight loss. Patients love them. Patients who are stuck on a weight plateau and can’t seem to lose always lose 2 to 5 pounds per week by using the shakes depending on how many they use per day.

Hobbs:  How do the HMR shakes compare to SlimFast?

Piatek:  They have 70 fewer calories and twice as much protein as SlimFast—15 grams versus 7 grams—and they taste much, much better. I can hardly keep them in stock.

Hobbs:  How do patients use them?

Piatek:  The easiest way is to have them drink a shake before their main meal of the day to kill their appetite. It reduces their intake by 500 to 800 calories per meal. Another way is to use 3 shakes per day for a week or two—one for breakfast, one for lunch and one before dinner. Some people use this technique one week a month. Using three shakes per day causes a weight loss of 2 or 3 pounds per week.

Another way is to use 5 shakes per day in place of meals for a week or two. This causes a weight loss of about 5 pounds per week. The only time that I allow patients to use them longer than a week or two is diabetics who are taking medicines that are making them fat. I let them use the HMR shakes in stead of eating until the lose 15 or 20 pounds which lets them get off of their diabetes medicine. This is one exception where I do focus on weight in the short-term.

Hobbs:  Do people get tired of the taste?

Piatek:  No, because we make up recipes with them to vary the taste. They can add orange flavoring or Crystal Lite or soda or fruit to change the flavor.

(Note: Dr. Jerry Darm said the same thing about HMR—’I’ve looked at the Optifast and Medifast, but I consider HMR’s program to be the best6 I think their shakes are the best, and believe me, I’ve tried a lot of different ones.’ (ORU, Mar 99). HMR can be reached at Health Management Resources, 59 Temple Place, Suite 704, Boston, MA 02111, phone (800) 418-1367 or (617) 357-9876, by fax at (617) 357-9690 or on the web at http://www.yourbetterhealth.com.)

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Thanks, again!

Hmm, i thought i read here about an ‘extra’ 500mg of 5-htp, for a total of 600mg/day:

It *does* keep me more awake at night, so i try to take it before too late. 300mg does not make me sick.

btw, i have been taking 10capsules of that SWELL / PREE / Crosslinked Polyacrylic Hydrogel as seen at http://www.wellosophy.com/preenutrition.htm and for me, at least so far, it has worked better than phentermine, meridia, hoodia, and anything I have ever tried/used (5-htp doesnt seem to do anything for me, except makes me have more energy throughout the day—nothing for appetite. so, i learnt about it for appetite control, but use it cause it gets me off my butt somehow. have no idea what that is about). Unfortunately, 10capsules of SWELL a day (two capsules, 5times a day, 30minutes before each small meal) is the only way i can get it to shut my stomach up, and that cost, is, well, expensive as heck.

I can not tolerate glucomannan or psyllium. Guar gum has not yet arrived from iherb.com; I have no side effects with SWELL, which is so way cool. Supposedly it is non-digestible. I thought that soluble fiber (psyllium), being plant cell wall material, also was not digestible, but why it tears my stomach up then, is beyond me. I am hoping I can take Guar Gum and either reduce or eliminate SWELL, primarily due to the cost. The guar gum is from http://www.iherb.com/Source-Naturals-Guar-Gum-16-oz-453-6-g/1228 and i hope it is the unadulterated, correct kind you are recommending? Basically I am trying to put bulk into my stomach, and some small amount of nutrition (protein shake, about 40GM protein at 200calories, 6GM carbohydrate, 1gm sugars) to send the impulses to the brain to say i am full. I seem to need this ‘volume’ feedback to shut it off. Any recommendations that probably may not make me sick like psyllium?

it is possible that guar gum will be effective, and if you like, i will report back on my results with usage of:

swell vs. guar gum

I am surprised you did not find information regarding the usage of less than 5GM of arginine paradoxically lowering growth hormone. I know for certain that I read it someplace.

I did purchase 1000gm of arginine after reviewing your site, but now i am worried about the GI effects (i thought i read here that YOU use 10GM or something, guess i was wrong, and i thought the video you made said something like up to 15GM).

I came across L-arginine pyroglutamate and read that it may be 5-10X’s more effective (so i guess a lower dose with lower side effects?) than pure arginine, http://purebulk.com/l-arginine-l-pyroglutamate (does this version still lower blood pressure?) ;

I also heard that arginine increased prolactin, lowering testosterone, so all this is really confusing me regarding arginine, and i would really like your professional opinion on whether you feel it may reduce fat, improve muscle, cost effective, etc etc.

I am curious about any comments you may have regarding any of the above info.

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Regarding the extra 500 mg of 5-HTP per day used by Marty Hinz…

He is the only doctor who I knew who used doses this high.

He sold 5-HTP also, so there is potential conflict of interest.

(I sell 5-HTP also, so you should question what I say as well.)

However, three Italian weight loss studies used doses of 500-900 mg per day.

But these were some of the first weight loss studies, and early studies tend to give large doses in order to get the best results possible.

Most weight loss doctors using 5-HTP give 100 mg per day.

A few may give slightly higher doses of 150 or 200 mg per day, but say doses of 300 mg per day tend to cause unwanted side effects.

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Regarding 5-HTP keeping you awake…

This may be the opposite of what most people expect, but this is exactly what one study found.

They found an increase in energy / alertness a few hours after taking 5-HTP.

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Regarding Crosslinked Polyacrylic Hydrogel (SWELL)...

I know nothing about Crosslinked Polyacrylic Hydrogel.

I’ll look it up and see if there are any published studies about using it for weight loss.

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Regarding Source Naturals, Guar Gum…

I’m sure it is the regular guar gum.

The partially hydrolyzed stuff is more expensive.

Regular guar gum is cheap.

Suggestion:  Start with a little bit in a dry glass—maybe 1/2 teaspoon—and add water, stir and drink quickly or else it will become too thick to drink.

If it becomes too thick before you drink it, throw it out and start over with a new, dry glass.

Eventually you can work up to using 1/2 Tablespoon a couple times a day before meals.

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Regarding low doses of arginine lowering growth hormone…

I first read about arginine and growth hormone release 27 years ago, in 1982.

I have not read about low doses lowering levels of growth hormone, although I’ve never specifically looked.

Trying to think of all possibilities…

I can imagine a company telling people that low doses are counter-productive so they can sell more arginine.

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Regarding L-arginine pyroglutamate being 5-10 times more effective…

My guess is the reason that they say that L-arginine pyroglutamate may be 5-10 times more effective than regular arginine is because one study about 25 years ago gave low doses of L-arginine pyroglutamate plus lysine—a gram or two of each—to people and found it increased growth hormone.

However, if I remember correctly, Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw analyzed the data and said they believed that the increase in growth hormone was due to being study by a needle rather than the L-arginine pyroglutamate / lysine combination.

Again, if I remember correctly, it had to do with how quickly growth hormone levels increased.

Wounds or trauma increase growth hormone levels, thus, a needle stick raises growth hormone levels.

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Does arginine reduce fat, build muscle?

My impression based on a study in diabetics is that arginine reduces fat and increases muscle by a few pounds, but is unlikely to cause more dramatic weight loss.

Perhaps combining it with weight lifting might increase fat loss as it seemed to do when Sandy Shaw lost 25 pounds of fat and gained 5 pounds of muscle only doing a few minutes of strength training per day.