How should i use EAS Betagen?
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I just started to use EAS Betagen, and would like some advice from you guys. First of all i would like to ask how often per week should i drink it? Now i drink it once in the morning, do some exercise, then drink another serving before my training and after it. Am i using it correctly? Also should i drink it on those days, when i don’t do exercise and don’t do any trainings? Also on weekends i do some exercise only in the morning, so i have one serving per day. Am i doing right? What advice can you share? Thanks in advance, i will appreciate all the answers.

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I don’t know the proper way to use EAS’s Betagen.

EAS Betagen contains creatine plus L-glutamine plus HMB, a metabolite of leucine.

If you are looking to lose weight…

I am not aware of any studies showing this combination will cause weight loss.

When creatine first came out, articles said that, on average, people gained about 7 pounds when taking creatine.

I am aware of two guys who gained 15 pounds while taking creatine.

So if you are looking to lose weight, this may not be the supplement to help you do that.

Larry Hobbs

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