Modafinil and Adrafinil
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I’m surprised you don’t have modafinil (or its older cousin adrafinil) on the list of weight loss agents.

Modafinil is primarily used as a “wakefulness promoting agent”.  Fighter pilots can maintain peak performance for as much as 40 hours straight without sleeping.  It helps people with narcolepsy fight the urge to fall asleep.  It has also been used off-label for Adult ADHD.

It stimulates dopamine and norepinephrine release just like amphetamines.  It has never been tested for weight loss, but several patients using it to treat ADHD have lost significant amounts of weight.

In some ways it is superior to amphetamines.  It has a much lower abuse potential.  It does not cause the blood pressure increases that are seen with amphetamines or amphetamine like anorectics because it acts on postsynaptic brain receptors.  The DEA has given it a Schedule IV (low potential for abuse) but it could probably be de-scheduled since other countries have recently descheduled it or it was never a controlled substance.

I have taken the drug and find it to be a great help when doing a long road trip (8 hours or more), but I noticed how I immediately use the restroom after eating while taking it.  I have never tried it for weight loss, but the case reports are promising. 


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