Long Time on Phentermine
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Hey Larry,

I have been on Phentermine off and on for a long period of time.  I usually wlll take it staring in the spring and then come off of it towards the end of the summer.  This year I have been so happy with everything.  It is the most weight I have lost ever and I feel great.  I realy want to get to the real desired weight.  But I know that I will not get it prescribed for me anymore.  I am 5ft 3in.  I now am at 123lbs.  I really want to be at 115lbs.  I am so scared when this last script of Phentermine runs out that I will gain the weight back.  I have reduced it down to only taking one of the 37.5mg in the morning.  I get soooo tired in the evening???  I usually do 2 workouts a day, but now that I have reduced the dose I cant do that 2nd workout and I get the sweet cravings along with just the food cravings in general and wanting to eat more.  I am curious…. what do you think would be a good drug to possibly come off the phentermine with, but keep the activity up.  I am 42yrs old have worked out all my life almost every day out of the week.  So the Phentermine has also helped with some of the anti inflammatory needed with this old fart…. :).  I have never abused this drug, but have always tried to come off of it in the winter and I truely watch my weight during the winter but it is almost like automatic that I gain up to 10lbs.  I am sorry to be writing such a long message.  But I have had this question for 3yrs.  You may be thinking that I shouldnt be worrying about this at this weight, but my whole family is obese.  I am at a good place right now and I dont want to lose it and I really want to get to that 115lbs for once and keep it.  Please understand that I am a true fitness person and I do no what it takes, but I also know my body and I know my family history and I ususally have to work double hard.  The reason that the weight fell better this time, is that I liteally but out all cheese and any type of sugar… it has been incredible.  I an a vegitarian, so I have a hard time getting the protein, but I have made sure I eat fish and asparagus every night and I do make sure I keep 6 meals a day going.  I guess again my question, what can you suggest as far as coming off the phentermine and not gaining any of the weight back… I have thought about the Wellbutrin and Naltrexone combo or the Zonisamide.  What are your thoughts??

Sporty Girl

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I would stick with what is working for you—phentermine.

If it were me, I would not look for another drug to replace it, but stay with what has worked.

I would look for a weight loss doctor near you who may be more understanding of your situation and willing to prescribe phentermine.

You can find a weight loss doctor by going to American Society of Bariatric Physicians website here:


Then click on the tab labeled “For Patients”.

Then click on “Find a Weight Loss Doctor”.

Then click on the state where you live and look for a doctor near you.

I would call all the doctors you find that are near you, explain your situation, and ask if they would be willing to prescribe phentermine for you.

If you look, you will find one.

I will post another reply with some more info.

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If you can’t find a doctor near you that understands your situation and is willing to prescribe phentermine, you might call and talk to Dr. Piatek in Indianapolis.

I think he requires patients to come to see him at least once, but will then treat patients from a distance.

He uses phentermine.

He’s very good at what he does.

Roger Andrew “Jay” Piatek, MD
745 Beachway Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46224  

(317) 243-3000 phone

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