In there any conflict taking ephedra with 5-HTP
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In order to loose weigh I’ve taken many thermogenic supplements common in stores and gyms and never got the results I needed. Now I would like to start taking 25 mg of Ephedra plus Yohimbine HCL (2mg) and 50mg of Green Tea at 7am (half an hour before breakfast)and 1pm (prior exercise), with the stomach empty. Because I’ll probably be a little annoyed, angry and nervous at night and with no patience for my children, some people advised me to take 5-HTP (100mg) before bedtime. Is dangerous?
I’ll just take the ephedrine on weekdays and rest at the weekend, not only because of bad humor but also to avoid habituation of the body to ephedrine. Do you think it will be enough to lose weight with a diet low in fat and few carbohydrates and plenty of cardio-exercise?
Thank you for the advice.

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No, combining ephedra / ephedrine with 5-HTP is not a safety problem.

However, I would approach this differently.

I would start by trying a low-carbohydrate, HIGH-FAT, moderate-protein diet first before taking any ephedrine or ephedra.

Yes, really—HIGH-FAT, low-carb.

High-fat, low-carb diets satisfy people’s appetite so that they are not hungry.

I am getting ready to leave for the evening, but will write more about this tomorrow.

I will also write some about ephedrine / ephedra.

Larry Hobbs