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Acomplia - what is your personal opinion?
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Honestly, I would never take Acomplia again after the experience I had with it.  I have a slight tendency towards depression but I’m fine as long as I exercise consistently.  On Acomplia I became positively suicidal.  I thought all of the reports of people having emotional side effects were overblown until I took it myself.  Very scary drug.  I have never had this reaction before to any drug.  A few weeks after stopping I was fine again but it was a horrible experience.  I took it over school break during the summer.  If I had been working or going to school I would have quite possibly been fired or my gpa would have tanked.  I was totally nonfunctional, clinically depressed and very bad off.  I’ve never had an emotional breakdown like that before.

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Thank you very much for sharing your story.

Very interesting.

Larry Hobbs

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