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Dr. Hobbs,

The nature of this question makes it somewhat embarrassing, but as you always seem willing to consider a topic before discrediting it, I thought I would ask.

Recently, several women from my office had “professional” ear stapling done.  The procedure was not expensive and 5 out of the 6 of them have lost at least 10 lbs in 6 weeks - claiming a significant reduction in appetite.  The 6th woman is a bit like myself - skeptical.

I know that acupuncture and the like have a growing number of supporters in the medical community.  I also know that the psychological effect of the ear staple is probably greater than the actual medical effect.  Have you seen any legitimate studies to support or refute this practice?

Also - just because I’m curious, do you ever see alternative therapies studied at all in conventional medical literature?


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I cannot find any published studies that contain the phrase “ear stapling” for treating any medical condition, so apparently it has not been studied for weight loss.

Like you, I am skeptical.

If you want to try it, try it. It looks harmless.

If I remember correctly… recently, I read an article or saw something on television, maybe during the Olympics in China, saying that acupuncture help relieve pain, I think, but they said it did not matter where they stuck the needles.

In other words, when they said that in order to relieve pain in a certain part of the body, acupuncture needles should be put in a specific spot on the hand, it did not matter if they put them in the hand or the arm or the ear. They all worked the same.


There are studies of some alternative therapies, but not a lot.

Drug companies pay for most studies, so most of what is published are drug studies.

For an eye-opening book on how drug companies mislead us, see the book “Our Daily Meds”.

Some key points of her book are posted here:



For those interested in reading more about ear stapling, go here:

http://www dot earstaplingassociation dot com

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