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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Chemtrails: What are they spaying the skies with? Aluminum, which is bad news for our health

I have lived in Southern California for 36 years where we used to have beautiful blue skies more than half the days of the year.

But this year, for the first time, I have noticed ugly, hazy skies, day after day for several months.

Aluminum levels 100-200 times higher in our bodies from chemtrails than mercury or lead

A couple of weeks ago, I heard Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, who has been helping people detox from heavy metals (mercury, lead, etc) for 30 years, say that a detox method done in Germany called Apheresis Therapy, where they take your entire blood volume out of one arm, put it through a filter (a deep sea sponge, a technique which was invented by the Japanese) and put it back into the other arm, have found that Americans have very high levels of aluminum in their bodies, hundreds of times higher (100-200 times higher according to Dr. Klinghardt) than mercury or lead, and that this is coming from the government spraying the skies to try and cool the planet which are known as chemtrails or geoengineering.

He says that a testing method in England has found that our DNA is plastered with aluminum (coming from these chemtrails.)

A one-minute audio clip of Dr. Klinghardt talking about this is posted here..

The audio clip is sped up 1.5 times to make the clip shorter.

The audio clip is 56 minutes into the first hour of an interview Dr. Klinghardt did in 2014 on One Radio Network with Patrick Timpone which is available here.

This is bad news for our health.

It makes me want to scream.

Aluminum has no function in the human body or any other species according to Dr. Klinghardt.

Somebody needs to lead a campaign to stop this spraying of the skies for the health of us all.

I will post a separate article about ways to get aluminum out of our bodies.

Watch the 15 minute video on YouTube titled “Pilots, Doctors and Scientists Tell the Truth About Chemtrails” which is embedded below.

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Sweating seems to be the major way that we get rid of aluminum from our bodies

Sweating seems to be the MAJOR way that we get rid of aluminum from our bodies (which we are all accumulating from the government spraying the skies with aluminum to try and cool the planet as previously described here.

A 2014 paper titled “Aluminium in human sweat” notes that:

“These data [measuring sweat from 20 healthy people]... strongly suggest that perspiration is the major route of excretion of systemic aluminium in humans.”

Later they say…

“If sweating is the major route for the removal of systemic aluminium from the body then this observation puts into question the practice of disrupting or blocking perspiration using antiperspirants and aluminium-based antiperspirants specifically.”
— last paragraph on page 2

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