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Wednesday, November 27, 2019


Doctors are blind to drug-induced side effects: Example Kurt’s dizziness and fainting

I learned nine (9) things about doctors in the last 17 years of my parents’s life (1994-2011) as I watched my mother suffer tragically and die 5-10 years prematurely because of all the drugs that she was given.

For 17 years (1994-2011), I watched doctors do things that made absolutely no sense to me.

Doctors would often do the exact opposite of what I thought they should do.

For example, they would give my mother a drug, my mother would get worse, but rather than stopping the drug and trying something else, they would double the dose of the drug or add another drug which only made my mother worse and worse.

I spent years trying to figure out why doctors did these things which caused my mother to suffer tragically and die 5-10 years prematurely.

I learned nine (9) things about doctors during this time.

The first thing that I learned is that doctors are blind to drug-induced side effects.

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