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Saturday, October 02, 2021

Ma*sks are put on cult members; Ma*sks are a sign of submission

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Monday, July 19, 2021

M@sks are worthless says Alex Berenson

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Monday, May 03, 2021

Dr Lee Merritt: CØV!D is a psychological operation

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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Making a child wear a m@sk is child @buse

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Saturday, March 20, 2021


How do masks affect babies? The ‘Still Face’ experiment

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Friday, February 26, 2021

Are facemasks being used to control society?

Are facemasks being used to control society?

An article on face masks suggesting this says:

In sum, when we look at the science, there is emerging and troubling evidence of harms from mask use in the absence of any benefits. This is also related to things as mundane as simple incorrect use of masking, as well as the development of complacency that emerges due to mask use and thus the relaxation of other mitigation steps, as well as mask contamination. ...

In closing, perhaps Yinon Weiss, who is a U.S. military veteran, and who holds a degree in bioengineering from U.C. Berkeley, captures our current face mask calamity by reminding us how masks constrain our return to a more normal life. As outlandish as this might seem could this be the aim of those using the pandemic for the purpose of advancing various political ideologies? Masking drives fear in the population and a perennial sense of ‘illness’ that is crippling. As stated eloquently by Weiss, “Our universal use of unscientific face coverings is therefore closer to medieval superstition than it is to science, but many powerful institutions have too much political capital invested in the mask narrative at this point, so the dogma is perpetuated.”


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Thursday, February 25, 2021


The incredible lie about COVID-19 asymptomatic transmission

There is no asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19, therefore there is no reason for people without symptoms to wear masks according to an article posted here.

The article says:

Asymptomatic spread and masks?

Before proceeding to the key evidence on the effectiveness (or not) of face coverings (masks), we wish to highlight research that is highly applicable. This surrounds recently emerging evidence that Covid-19 spread is so exceedingly rare in asymptomatic persons as to have virtually no impact in the grand scheme. Given that there are very strong data to support this contention, then we state at the outset that universal masking has no merit and cannot be supported by reliable data or research.

In an article published in Nature Communications (November 2020) that studied 10 million eligible persons, it was demonstrated that asymptomatic spread was not merely rare but in fact, does not appear to happen at all! Not one instance was found in the study whereby researchers reported that there were positive tests emerging even amongst close contacts of asymptomatic cases in this sample of 10 million. Why would we even consider then the need for universal masking when there is evidence like this of limited asymptomatic spread?

We also point out (and we also recognize and appreciate that this argument is far from being one based in strong evidence per se) that if ten’s of studies or more are required to prove, one way or another, whether a procedure is effective or not (and to therefore lead to changes in standard of care), and there are still no reliable data, the effects are either minimal or nonexistent. Hence it can be reasoned that there is no meaningful effect in the first place; such an argument can be used for the masking dilemma.

All this is to say that there is and was no scientific justification to mandate or call for ‘voluntary’ masking of healthy people. None! And we also suggest that this straightforward reasoning can be applied to most of the other ‘mitigation’ efforts being implemented to date; specifically societal lockdowns, and school closures. In fact, we can find no definitive research-based evidence to support masking, societal lockdowns, or school closures at the time of writing this piece. We continue to argue that most of this has been arbitrarily construed by the government leaders and their medical experts.

These policies are not merely misguided, but they are also not without serious and adverse consequences; they have caused crushing harms and have been very injurious at a personal and societal level. Restrictive policies have not been thought through as to the implications at large! The benefits have not been assessed or considered alongside the potential (and documented) harms and this is a catastrophic omission from the perspective of sound public health policy and principles. In short, the bureaucracy has provided us with confused and often contradictory policy supported by a lack of clarity, sheer assumptions, and nonsense in general, and in this case, in relation to universal masking. Our leadership and ‘experts’ have failed to recognize the crushing harms that result from their arbitrary and even worse, capricious policies that lack any reliable evidentiary support!

It might also be expected that in light of the apparent groundbreaking seminal research to which we alluded above, this would not only be covered widely by the mainstream media and of course our experts but that this would clarify and help settle issues pertaining to asymptomatic spread, lockdowns in general, school closures, and of course in this case, masking. Amazingly though, there has been no acknowledgement of this work. And yet such findings that could bear on evidence-informed decision-making were ignored entirely.


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Wednesday, February 24, 2021


5 scientists say masks have absolutely no impact on Covid-19 virus

The article referred to in this video is posted here.

They write:

In fact, it is not unreasonable at this time to conclude that surgical and cloth masks, used as they currently are, have absolutely no impact on controlling the transmission of Covid-19 virus, and current evidence implies that face masks can be actually harmful. All this to say and as so comprehensively documented by Dr. Roger W. Koops in a recent American Institute of Economic Research (AIER) publication, there is no clear scientific evidence that masks (surgical or cloth) work to mitigate risk to the wearer or to those coming into contact with the wearer, as they are currently worn in everyday life and specifically as we refer to Covid-19.


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Monday, January 18, 2021


States with mask mandates show more Covid-19 positive tests, not less

An analysis comparing US states with mask mandates versus US states without mask mandates found states with mask mandates had MORE positive Covid-19 tests, not less.

In states with NO mask mandates, there were 17 positive tests per day per 100,000 people.

In states WITH mask mandates, there were 27 positive tests per day per 100,000 people — 59% MORE positive tests in states WITH mask mandates than in states with no mask mandate.

They then looked at counties in Florida that did not have a mask mandate, and then later implemented a mask mandate. Here’s what they found.

When there was NO mask mandate, there were 22 positive tests per day per 100,000 people.

When there WERE mask mandate, there were 23 positive tests per day per 100,000 people — there were just as many cases when there were mask mandates, or even slightly more, than when there were NO mask mandates.

Then they looked at only the 12 most populous counties in Florida to see if population density affected the results.

In the counties with NO mask mandate, there were 17 positive tests per day per 100,000 people.

In the counties WITH a mask mandate, there were 24 positive tests per day per 100,000 people — 41% MORE positive tests than in the populous counties with no mask mandate.

The author of the article concluded:

We can turn the numbers upside down and inside out, but no matter how we examine them, there is no evidence of masks correlating with reduced spread. If anything, the opposite is true.

How could this be?

A study of 1,607 healthcare workers (MacIntyre, 2015) found that people who wore a cloth mask had a GREATER risk of a chronic respiratory infection, a GREATER risk of a viral infection, and a 3-times GREATER risk of influenza like illness compared to a control group that sometimes wore a mask, and sometimes did not.

In other words, cloth masks INCREASED the risk of infection.

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Wednesday, December 02, 2020


Cloth masks increase infections notes biochemical scientist

Cloth masks increase infections notes Graham Hutchinson, ex-Senior Chief Biomedical Scientist, Public Health UK.


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Wednesday, October 14, 2020


Face masks make you sicker longer says Industrial Hygienist

Cloth masks not only don’t work, they can increase your viral load, you will be sicker longer, and masks increase the spread of Covid-19, Industrial Hygienist, Kristen Meghan tells Del Bigtree of TheHighwire.com.


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Sunday, August 09, 2020


Prolonged mask use can cause serious health problems says New York dentists

Dentists say prolonged mask use can cause gum inflammation which can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke according to two New York City dentists.

“We’re seeing inflammation in people’s gums that have been healthy forever, and cavities in people who have never had them before.”

Half of their patients are affected.


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Wednesday, July 15, 2020


WHO on masks: No evidence masks in community setting prevent people from getting Covid-19

“However, there is currently no evidence that wearing a mask (whether medical or other types) by healthy persons in the wider community setting, including universal community masking, can prevent them from infection with respiratory viruses, including COVID-19,” wrote the World Health Organization on April 6, 2020.


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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Wearing a face mask offers little, if any, protection says Harvard Medical School researchers

“We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection,” according to an article published in The New England Journal of Medicine, written by researchers from the Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Infection Control Unit and Division of Infectious Diseases, Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.


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There is no scientific evidence face masks reduce COVID-19 transmission says two experts

“We do not recommend requiring the general public who do not have symptoms of COVID-19-like illness to routinely wear cloth or surgical masks because:

“There is no scientific evidence they are effective in reducing the risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission,” writes Lisa M Brosseau, ScD, and Margaret Sietsema, PhD, two experts on respiratory protection from the University of Illinois at Chicago.


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