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  • Herbal formula prevents weight gain on high-fat diet, but causes weight gain on normal-fat diet

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    Thursday, August 19, 2004 10:34 am Email this article
    A Korean herbal formula used to treat obesity prevented excess weight gain in rats on a high-fat diet, but increased weight gain of rats on a normal-fat diet. Formula is known as PM-F2-OB

    The formula is known as PM-F2-OB.


    The formula is composed of Lycii Fructus 15%, Rehmanniae Radix 15%, Coicis Semen 22.7%, Carthami Flos 11.8%, Hoelen 5.9%, Angelicae Radix 11.9%, Nelumbinis Semen 5.9%, Radix Dioscorea 5.9% and Aurantii Fructus 5.9%.

    2.2% of diet

    It was fed to rats as 2.2 percent of their diet.

    On high-fat diet, weight gain reduced from 10% to 1%

    After six weeks, rats fed a high-fat diet weighed 10 percent more than rats fed a normal-fat diet, however those given the herbal formula in addition to the high-fat diet weighed only 1 percent more than those fed a normal-fat diet.

    On normal-fat diet, weight gain increased by 8%

    However, when the formula was given to rats fed a normal-fat diet, these animals, after six weeks, weighed 8 percent more than rats fed a normal-fat diet without the formula.

    No effect on food intake

    The herbal formula did not have a significant effect on food intake.

    No toxicity

    The herbal formula did not cause any toxicities.

    The results of this study suggest that the formula might be helpful if eating a high-fat diet, but may increase weight gain if you eat a low-fat or normal-fat diet.

    I would want to see a study in humans on different diets before recommending this formula.


    Kang M, Oh J, Lee H, Chung H, Lee S, Kim C, Lee H, Yoon D, Choi H, Kim H, Shin M, Hong M, Bae H. Anti-obesity effect of pm-f2-ob, an anti-obesity herbal formulation, on rats fed a high-fat diet. Biol Pharm Bull. 2004 Aug, 27(8):1251-56.


    Purimed R & D Institute
    Kyung-Hee University

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