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  • Phentermine-Wellbutrin does not cause more weight loss than phentermine alone

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    Tuesday, January 04, 2005 8:09 am Email this article
    The combination of phentermine and Wellbutrin SR (bupropion) does not appear any more effective than phentermine alone according to a study funded by Glaxo Wellcome, the makers of Wellbutrin. Weight loss 12% with Phen-Wellbutrin or phentermine alone

    The average weight loss in both groups?those given phentermine-Wellbutrin and those given phentermine-placebo?lost approximately 12 percent of body weight during the six month study.

    Dose: 30 mg of phentermine and 300 mg Wellbutrin SR

    The dosages used were 30 mg of phentermine given once daily and 150 mg of Wellbutrin SR given twice daily.

    Subjects: 44 people, 1200 calorie diet

    The study involved 44 people who were put on a diet of 1200 calories.

    Dr. Anchors: Phen-Wellbutrin no better than phentermine alone

    Michael Anchors, M.D., Ph.D. has said that Phen-Wellbutrin was no more effective than phentermine alone.

    Dr. Padla: Phen-Wellbutrin not as effective as Phen-SSRI combinations

    Dennis Padla, M.D. reported using Phen-Wellbutrin in patients who wanted to stop smoking but said that it did not seem to be as effective as other Phen-SSRI combinations.

    Dr. Rivas: Phen-Wellbutrin only effective for first two months

    Paul Rivas, M.D. said that he found it effective, however it?s effectiveness only lasted for about two months and then he switched patients to something else (ORU, Jan 99, p. 2);

    Dr. Darm: Phen-Wellbutrin very effective in some patients

    Jerry Darm, M.D. found Phen-Wellbutrin to be effective noting that some patients have said that it has made a world of difference.

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    Other articles about Wellbutrin for weight loss can be found here.


    Double blind evaluation of bupropion SR (Wellbutrin SR) as an adjuvant in drug-facilitated weight reduction - phentermine plus bupropion. Obesity Research, 1999 Nov, 7 Suppl 1:92S (abstract PC1).


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