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    Weight loss surgery reduces risk of death in morbidly obese by 89% over five years

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    Monday, July 18, 2005 2:38 am Email this article
    "This study shows that weight-loss surgery significantly decreases overall mortality as well as the development of new health-related conditions in morbidly obese patients," concluded a recent study from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. People lose two-thirds of excess weight

    People who had surgery lost an average of two-thirds (67 percent) of their excess weight.

    Reductions in cardiovascular, cancer, endocrine, infectious, psychiatric, and mental disorders

    People who had weight loss surgery “had significant risk reductions for developing cardiovascular, cancer, endocrine, infectious, psychiatric, and mental disorders compared with controls, with the exception of hematologic (no difference [in blood disorders]) and digestive diseases ([with an] increased rates in the [those who had weight loss surgery]).”

    Risk of death reduced by 89% over five years

    The risk of death was reduced by 89 percent in those who had surgery compared to those who did not (0.68 percent versus 6.17 percent)

    Subjects: 1035 who had surgery, 5746 who did not

    The study followed 1035 people who had weight loss surgery at the McGill University Health Centre between 1986 and 2002 and followed them for up to 5 years, and 5746 people who were of the same age, gender and severity of obesity who had not had the surgery.


    Christou N, Sampalis J, Liberman M, Look D, Auger S, Mclean AP, Maclean L. Surgery decreases long-term mortality, morbidity, and health care use in morbidly obese patients. Ann Surg. 2004 Sep, 240(3):416-23; discussion 423-4.


    Nicholas Christou
    Section of Bariatric Surgery
    Division of General Surgery
    Department of Surgery
    McGill University
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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