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  • Glucomannan causes 8 lbs weight loss in two months without dieting

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    Wednesday, February 22, 2006 2:03 am Email this article
    People given 1.5 grams (1,500 mg) of glucomannan immediately before breakfast and dinner, lost an average of 4.8 pounds after one month and 8.4 pounds after two months according to another study (Biancardi et al, 1989).

    Weight Loss

    Fourteen patients lost weight while taking glucomannan, while two patients gained weight (Biancardi et al, 1989).

    Here is a breakdown of the weight loss.

    Two patients lost 2 pounds.

    One patient lost 4 pounds.

    Three patients lost 7 pounds.

    Four patients lost 9 pounds.

    Two patients lost 10 pounds.

    One patient lost 18 pounds.

    One patient lost 22 pounds.

    (Biancardi et al, 1989, Table, page 910 and Figure, page 911).

    Adverse Effects: Glucomannan was well tolerated

    Glucomannan was well tolerated (Biancardi et al, 1989).40 Four patients dropped out of the study, one because of abdominal discomfort while taking glucomannan, while the other three reasons for dropping out were unrelated to the study.

    There were no changes in blood pressure, heart rate or biochemistry during the study (Biancardi et al, 1989).

    Study Design

    The study was a double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over design conducted in Italy (Biancardi et al, 1989).

    No special diet was recommended

    No special diet was recommended to the subjects (Biancardi et al, 1989).

    Subjects: 20 people

    The study involved 20 overweight patients—3 men and 17 women—with osteoarthirsis.

    Age: 30- to 68-years-old

    The age of the subjects ranged from 30- to 68-years-old with the average age being 53-years-old (Biancardi et al, 1989).40
    Study Design.

    Conclusion: Glucomannan is a useful weight loss agent

    “We therefore believe that glucomannan should not only be considered as a useful agent for the treatment of overweight patients, but also as an agent that enables weight-reduction programs to initiated and completed successfully,” the researchers concluded (Biancardi et al, 1989, p. 910).

    How it causes weight loss: Decreases calories absorbed

    Glucomannan decreases the number of calories absorbed according to Biancardi et al (1989, p. 910).


    Biancardi G, Palmiero L, Ghirardi PE. Glucomannan in the treatment of overweight patients with osteoarthrosis. Current Therapeutic Research. 1989, 46(5):908-12.

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