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    Maitake mushroom may cause weight loss

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    Saturday, March 18, 2006 7:08 am Email this article
    Maitake (pronounced my-TA-kee) mushroom (Grifola frondosa) has also been shown to have a anti-obesity effect according to Nadine Taylor in her book Green Tea (p. 108-9). Rats

    Rats given maitake gained less weight

    Rats that would normally gain 130-240 grams in one month gained only 20-30 grams when they were given a diet containing 20 percent maitake powder according to Taylor (p. 108).



    Humans lost 11-13 lbs taking 1000 mg of maitake

    In a human study, thirty people lost an average of 11-13 pounds in two months without changing their diet when given two 500 mg capsules of Maitake mushroom according to Taylor (p. 108-9).

    The only reference given in Taylor’s book was Yokota, 1992.


    Diabetic mice

    Maitake causes weight loss in diabetic mice

    I could not find any references in Medline to Maitake and body weight, however, back in 1999 an herbalist at Planetary Formulas—a manufacturer of herbal products (800) 777-5677—faxed me an article by Kubo et al (1994) showing that maitake caused weight loss in non-insulin-dependent mice with an obesity gene.

    The journal in which the paper was published—Biol Pharm Bull—is not indexed in Medline, however it appears to be a reputable journal from the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan.

    Here are the specifics of the study.


    Reduces insulin

    Maitake partially prevented rise in insulin levels in mice

    Maitake partially prevented a rise in blood insulin levels and fully prevented a rise in blood sugar in young diabetic mice.


    Weight loss in mice

    Maitake-fed mice weighed 20% less after two months even though the ate the same amount

    After two months the Maitake-fed mice weighed 20 percent less than the normal-fed mice (40 grams versus 50 grams) although they were both given the same amount of food.


    What causes the weight loss?

    Neither of two fractions of maitake that has anti-diabetic action causes weight loss

    Although two fractions extracted from maitake were considered to have anti-diabetic action —the ES-fraction and the X-fraction—neither of these fractions prevented weight gain when given alone.

    Therefore, individual fractions from Maitake should not be expected to affect body weight.



    Dose in mice? I don’t know

    I was not able to determine how much maitake was used in this study because of a confusing description.


    Taylor N. Green Tea. Kensington Books. New York, 1998.

    Kubo K. Aoki H; Nanba H. Anti-diabetic activity present in the fruit body of grifola frondosa (Maitake). Biol Pharm Bull, 1994, 17(8):1106-10.


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