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    2009 Swine flu shot pushed by governments, but Swine flu was “false” pandemic

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    Sunday, October 25, 2020 3:27 pm Email this article

    This video clip notes that the 2009 Swine flu was declared a national emergency, they fast-tracked a vaccine, vaccine manufacturers had no liability, they talked of a “second wave” which turned out not to be true, and governments around the world recommended that everyone get vaccinated.

    Does all of this sound familiar to what we are hearing about Covid-19 in 2020?

    The video clip also notes that many doctors and nurses refused the Swine flu vaccine themselves.

    The clip also notes that eight (8) people in Sweden died days after getting a Swine flu vaccine.

    Then it turned out that the 2009 Swine flu was a “false” pandemic.

    In 2010, the DailyMail wrote an article titled “The ‘false’ pandemic: Drug firms cashed in on scare over swine flu”.

    The Daily Mail wrote another article titled “The pandemic that never was: Drug firms ‘encouraged world health body to exaggerate swine flu threat’”.

    The Daily Mail wrote yet another article titled “Swine flu taskforce’s links to vaccine giant: More than half the experts fighting the ‘pandemic’ have ties to drug firms”.

    Do you think that the same thing is going on now, that drug companies are behind all the fear-mongering until a vaccine is available that they will recommend for everyone?

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