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    Protein intake associated with smaller waist; refined grains and potatoes larger waist

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    Monday, August 02, 2010 9:31 am Email this article
    Protein intake, especially animal protein, as well as carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables are associated with a smaller increase in a person's waist measurement over 5 years, whereas carbohydrates from refined grains, potatotes and foods with simple sugars are associated with a larger increase in waist according to a study from Denmark. Alcohol

    Moderate alcohol intake associated with smallest increase in waist over time

    A U-shaped curve was found when comparing alcohol from wine to a change in waist circumference over 5 years, meaning that either a low intake or high intake of alcohol from wine was associated with a larger increase in a person’s waist over time, whereas a moderate amount of alcohol intake from wine is associated with a smaller increase in a person’s waist.



    Subjects: 20,126 men and 22,570 women, 50-64 years-old

    The study followed 20,126 men and 22,570 women in Denmark for five years who were 50- to 64-years-old at the start of the study.


    Halkjaer J, Tjonneland A, Thomsen BL, Overvad K, Sorensen T. Intake of macronutrients as predictors of 5-y changes in waist circumference. Am J Clin Nutr. 2006 Oct, 84(4):789-97.


    Danish Epidemiology Science Centre
    Institute of Preventive Medicine
    Copenhagen University Hospital
    Copenhagen, Denmark

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