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  • Obesity researcher Frank Greenway, MD comments on HCG study

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    Thursday, August 09, 2007 3:48 am Email this article
    I emailed obesity researcher Frank Greenway, MD and asked him about the study he and George Bray, MD had done with HCG back in 1977 and if he had any comments about HCG. Here is his response.


    “George [Bray] and I did do a study of HCG when we were together at UCLA.  I have attached the PDF.  If you look at the graph, I think you will see the reason for its continued popularity. On this program, people come in to the clinic 5 days a week and saw a counselor, were weighed and got a shot.  Even those who got saline, lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks. 

    “After the HCG was shown to be a placebo, a company called Weight Loss Clinic International started in which the diet and visit schedule were maintained without the shots. That business was growing at 20% per year until the mid 1980’s when the company collapsed when it tried to convert to pre-packaged food to compete with Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem. 

    “I think the lure of this program is the rapid weight loss. I think that people feel good, because they are succeeding at the goal of weight loss they put before themselves. For many women, a 20 pound weight loss will get them back to the level they want to attain, and this program will accomplish that for them. 

    “I see no reason to give the shots, but the program without the shots may still be a good program, especially if one raised the calories from the 500 [per day] they used to 800 [per day], since this is safer and optifast studies suggested that the weight loss is similar.

    “Frank Greenway, MD”

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