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    Fish or fish oil capsules increases weight loss in men by 2-3 pounds in one month

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    Thursday, September 16, 2010 7:14 am Email this article
    Young, overweight men lost an average of 2-3 pounds more in one month more when they followed a diet containing salmon, that is high in fish oil, or when they were given fish oil capsules according to a study from researchers at Landspitali University Hospital in Reykjavik, Iceland. Not Seen in Women

    Fish Oil did not increase weight loss in women

    Unfortunately, this increased weight loss with fish oil was not seen in women.


    Weight Loss in Men

    Weight loss in men by diet: 8 lbs vs 10 lbs vs 10 lbs vs 11 lbs

    The average weight loss in men was as follows:

    Note: Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of the paper yet, so I do not know how many fish oil capsules per day they took.



    Subjects: 324 men and women, 20-40 yrs-old, BMI 27.5-32.5

    The study involved 324 men and women from Iceland, Spain and Ireland, who were 20- to 40-years-old, were overweight or obese, and had a body mass index (BMI) of 27.5 to 32.5.



    Conclusion: Seafood may increase weight loss

    “In young, overweight men, the inclusion of either lean or fatty fish, or fish oil as part of an energy-restricted diet resulted in approximately 1 kg more weight loss [2 pounds] after 4 weeks, than did a similar diet without seafood or supplement of marine origin,” the authors concluded.

    “The addition of seafood to a nutritionally balanced energy-restricted diet may boost weight loss.”


    Previous Studies

    Previous studies found fish eaters weigh 7 lbs less than meat eaters

    A previous study from Britain found that fish eaters weighed about 7 pounds less than meat eaters.

    Another study found that fish oil increased the burning of body fat and reduce obesity in mice.

    They found that omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil, especially DHA which is only found in fish oil, were more potent that omega-3 fatty acids found in plant oils such as flaxseed oil.

    (Omega-3 fatty acids found in plant oils such as flaxseed oil are converted into the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil.)

    The reason that omega-3 fatty acids reduce body fat is not due to a decrease in calorie intake, but rather because of an increase in the burning of body fat.

    Previous study found young, lean men and women lost 1.7 lbs in three weeks taking 8 fish oil capsules per day

    One study that showed this increase in fat burning, found that five young, lean men and one woman lost an average of 1.7 pounds in three weeks when they took 8 capsules of fish oil per day (2 at breakfast, 3 at lunch, and 3 at dinner), compared to a weight loss of 0.7 pounds three months later when they were fed the same diet, but without the fish oil capsules.

    Another study found that fish oil reduced the accumulation of body fat in mice by limiting the increase in size of fat cells as well as limiting the increase in the number of fat cells.


    Bottom Line

    Bottom Line: It can’t hurt to take 1-3 fish oil capsules with each meal

    The bottom line is that it can’t hurt to take 1-3 fish oil capsules with each meal.


    Dr. Artemis Simopoulos Recommends Fish Oils Capsules for Health

    Dr. Simopoulos Recommends 3-4 fish oil capsules per day for healthy people, 10 capsules for people with diseases

    In an interview I did with world-class researcher, Artemis Simopoulos, M.D., author of The Omega Diet, she recommended that healthy people consume a combined total of 1,000 mg per day of DHA plus EPA (found in fish oil, fish oil capsules or omega-3 capsules), and that people with diseases take a combined total of 3,000 mg per day of DHA plus EPA.

    Here is the section of the interview where she discussed this.

    Hobbs: Although the omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid can be converted to EPA and DHA, are there people who need to take EPA and DHA-containing fish oil supplements?

    Simopoulos: Yes. Hypertensives, some diabetics and premature babies are limited in the ability to convert omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid to EPA and DHA. They need to supplement with fish oils as well as eating alpha-linolenic acid. This means either eating cold water fish, like salmon, mackerel or sardines [packed in sardine oil or olive oil, but not soybean oil], or taking a fish oil supplement.

    Hobbs: What is the right dose?

    Simopoulos: About 1 gram per day for health [1,000 mg] or 3 grams per day for people with diseases [3,000 mg].

    Hobbs: A combined total of EPA and DHA being 3 grams? [3,000 mg]

    Simopoulos: Yes.

    Hobbs: Do obese people suffer from deficiencies of EPA and DHA?

    Simopoulos: Maybe. Low levels of DHA are associated with increases in body weight. A study in Pima Indians found that the lower the DHA content of muscle cell membrane phospholipids the higher the body weight. They also found that the lower the DHA the higher the insulin resistance.


    Cheapest Fish Oil Capsules

    The cheapest fish oil capsules at Sam’s Club

    The cheapest omega-3 (fish oil) capsules I’ve seen are at Sam’s Club.

    They are about half the price of the cheapest omega-3 capsules I seen at my local health food store (Mother’s Market in Orange County, California).

    Each capsule contains 180 mg of EPA and 120 mg of DHA, for a combined total of 300 mg of EPA plus DHA.

    This means you need 3.3 capsules per day to get 1,000 mg, and 10 capsules per day to get 3,000 mg.


    Thorsdottir I, Tomasson H, Gunnarsdottir I, Gisladottir E, Kiely M, Parra MD, Bandarra N, Schaafsma G, Martinez J. Randomized trial of weight-loss-diets for young adults varying in fish and fish oil content. Int J Obes (Lond). 2007 Oct, 31(10):1560-66.


    Professor I Thorsdottir
    Unit for Nutrition Research
    Landspitali University Hospital
    101 Reykjavik
    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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