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  • Glycomacropeptide-enriched whey meal replacement does not increase weight loss over skim milk powder

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    Wednesday, September 10, 2008 1:46 pm Email this article
    "Glycomacropeptide is a peptide that has been shown to stimulate release of cholecystokinin [CCK], which may promote satiety," a new study from researchers at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization in Adelaide, Australia starts out.

    However, people did not lose more weight when given glycomacropeptide-enriched whey protein power to use as a meal replacment than those given skim milk powder.

    In fact, those given glycomacropeptide-enriched whey protein powder as meal replacements lost 2 pounds less than those given skim milk powder as a meal replacement -- a weight loss of roughly 22 pounds versus 24 pounds.
    Meal Replacements

    Meal replacements used for two meals for first six months, then one meal for the next six months

    Each meal replacement contained 15 grams of protein.

    Subjects were told to replace two meals with the meal replacements for the first six months, then replace one meal for the next six months.


    Weight Loss After 6 Months

    Weight loss after 6 months: 21 lbs vs 24 lbs

    After six months, those given the glycomacropeptide-enriched whey powder had lost 20.9 pounds versus 24.2 pounds for those given the skim milk powder.


    Weight Loss After One Year

    Weight loss after one year: 22 lbs vs 24 lbs

    After one year, those given the glycomacropeptide-enriched whey powder had lost 21.8 pounds versus 23.8 pounds pounds for those given the skim milk powder.




    “Meal replacements containing [glycomacropeptide] had no additional effect on the overall sustained 12-month weight loss of [22 pounds],” the researchers concluded.


    Comment #1

    Comment #1: Meal replacement work

    Numerous studies have found that using meal replacement shakes cause weight loss.


    Comment #2

    Comment #2: Skim milk powder works just fine

    The second thing to get from this study is that using skim milk powder works just fine as a meal replacement shake.

    As long as you are not allergic to milk, you don’t need to go spend a lot of money for meal replacement shakes.

    Simply go to the grocery store and buy some skim milk powder and you can make your own meal replacement shakes.

    Each meal replacement shake contained 15 grams of protein, so just add enough skim milk powder so that each serving contains 15 grams of protein.

    Simple. Easy. Cheap.


    Comment #3

    Comment #3: Glycomacropeptide and supplements that release CCK are not effective for weight loss in my experience

    This study suggests that glycomacropeptide does not add to weight loss.

    I wish that both groups would have been given the same type of protein—either both given whey or both given skim milk power—one of them enriched with glycomacropeptide, and the other not, so they could isolate the effect of glycomacropeptide, but, unfortunately, they did not do this.


    Supplements That Release CCK Are Not Effective In My Experience

    Comment #3: Phenylalanine, that also releases CCK, did not work for me

    The amino acid phenylalanine also releases the satiety hormone CCK.

    In theory, this should cause weight loss or help to prevent weight gain.

    However, it did not work for me.

    I took phenylalanine twice a day for 12 years—from 1982 until 1994—and gained as much as 45 pounds during this time, going from 165 pounds in 1982 to as much as 211 pounds in 1989, and being about 195 pounds by the end of 1994.

    I was not taking phenylalanine for weight loss. I took it as a precursor to dopamine, noradrenaline and adrenaline.

    So, for me, taking a supplement that releases CCK—phenylalanine, in my case—was not the answer for losing weight or keeping it off.


    My Experience with Phenylalanine

    Phenylalanine cause me to develop many food allergies and made me very angry

    Phenylalanine caused me to develop many food allergies and also made me very angry.

    Additional information about my experience with phenylalanine is posted here.


    Keogh J, Clifton P. The effect of meal replacements high in glycomacropeptide on weight loss and markers of cardiovascular disease risk. Am J Clin Nutr. 2008 Jun, 87(6):1602-05.


    Jennifer Keogh
    Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization
    Human Nutrition
    Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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