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  • Richard Moore, MD, PhD on How Drug Companies Have Changed

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    Friday, September 11, 2009 2:25 pm Email this article
    This is an excerpt from a letter by Richard Moore, MD, PhD dated August 31, 2009 on how drug companies have changed. Excerpt from Dr. Moore’s Letter

    Excerpt from Dr. Moore’s Letter: Dr. Moore on how drug companies have changed

    “During the summer of 1956, between my junior and senior year in medical school, I was fortunate to work in the research laboratories of Eli Lilly.”

    “It was a wonderful experience.”

    “All of the scientists there were first rate and dedicated to finding the truth and to helping people.”

    “And the intellectual atmosphere was first class especially since six of the scientists had been awarded positions in which for the rest of their lives, they could do research on any problem that interested them even if it was not conceivably related to a potential drug.”

    “All decisions about whether a given compound should be considered a beneficial drug and go to market were made exclusively by the scientists.”

    “The businessmen had no say in this.”

    “In those days, Eli Lilly was an exemplary company dedicated more to helping people than to profits.”


    Drug Companies Now Run by MBA, Not Scientists

    Drug Companies Went From Being Run by Scientists to Being Run by MBA

    “Fast forward to 2006.”

    “I was on an airliner flying to Indiana to visit my alma mater, Purdue University.”

    “I got into a conversation with the person sitting next to me and discovered that she was the head of research at Lilly.”

    “I told her that 50 years earlier I had worked in the Lilly research labs and loved it.”

    “I asked her how she liked working there.”

    “She replied that at first, she had loved it also but now she had 435 days before she could take early retirement.”

    “I asked what went so wrong that she was counting the days before she could get out.”

    “She said that some years ago, the leaders who were scientists had been replaced by M.D.‘s.”

    “That wasn’t so bad; they didn’t understand the science, but they knew some of the terms and the M.D.‘s could usually be talked into doing the right thing.”

    “Then the M.D.‘s were replaced by finance people - people with MBA’s.”

    “And MBA’s have NO concept of science or of natural laws as I can testify from being a former college professor.”

    “The straw that broke the camel’s back was when her research group discovered a previously unknown enzyme that is present in high amounts in three vital organs: heart, liver, and kidney.”

    “So far, they didn’t know what this enzyme does.”

    “However, her boss, who was an MBA, had told her that her research group had one year to find an inhibitor of that enzyme so Lilly could market it as a drug.”

    “And, as she pointed out, since no one yet knew what that enzyme does, inhibiting it might be the last thing one would ever want to do.”

    “Perhaps you’ve noticed that, especially a couple years ago, one drug after another was being taken off the market.”

    “That ought to tell you something!”

    “Because my first publication (when working at Lilly) was about a compound that decreases absorption of cholesterol, I maintained a casual interest in drugs used to lower blood cholesterol levels.”

    “Several years ago, a cholesterol-lowering drug was quietly removed from the market because they finally realized the mechanism whereby this drug lowered blood cholesterol was to drive cholesterol into the arteries!”


    Contact Information

    Dr. Moore’s Contact Information

    Here is contact information for Dr. Moore.

    Richard D. Moore, MD, PhD
    4 Calle Sabina
    Placitus, NM 87043
    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
    (505) 771-8615 phone
    (505) 615-8020 cell


    About Dr. Moore

    Dr. Moore has been teaching a researching biophysics for more than 40 years

    Dr. Moore’s received his M.D. from Indiana University, and his Ph.D. in biophysics from Purdue University.

    Starting in 1963, Dr. Moore spent 40 years as a college professor and research scientist teaching and researching cellular biophysics.


    Dr. Moore’s Discoveries

    Dr. Moore research group discovered key findings about insulin

    Dr. Moore’s research group research group discovered that insulin regulates the activity of the mechanism that exchanges potassium for sodium in live cells.

    Dr. Moore’s group also also discovered that, connected with this, insulin elevates the pH inside cells.


    Dr. Moore’s and the ratio of potassium to sodium

    Dr. Moore recognized how the imbalance of potassium to sodium causes hypertension and other diseases

    This research and that of others then led to insights in how our dietary imbalance between potassium and sodium cause hypertension and other diseases.


    Trying to Educate the Public Since 1983

    Dr. Moore has been trying to educate the public about the importance of the dietary ratio of potassium-to-sodium for since 1983

    “Since recognizing the critical importance of the dietary ratio of potassium-to-sodium (in 1983), I have been trying to educate the public about this issue primarily by writing books.”


    Author of Several Books

    Dr. Moore is the author of several books

    Dr. Moore is the author of several books including “The High Blood Pressure Solution”.

    Dr. Moore is the also co-author of “The Salt Solution”.

    This book discusses how an imbalance of potassium and sodium not only affects:
    - stroke
    - hypertension
    but also how it affects:
    - osteoporosis
    - stomach cancer
    - asthma
    - kidney disease


    Comments from Larry Hobbs

    Comments from Larry Hobbs Dr. Moore is the author of several books

    Dr. Moore’s point about the drug that lowered cholesterol, which people assume must be good, but it turned out it was bad because it was doing this by driving cholesterol into the arteriesis the same point I’ve made in several videos.

    That is, the amount that a drug lowers your cholesterol or blood pressure or blood sugaris irrelevant!

    The only thing that matters is whether or not a drug lowers your total risk of death.

    Do not be fooled into thinking that just because a drug lowers your blood pressure or blood sugar or cholesterol, that it must be good for you.

    This may or may not be true.

    The only way to know if it the drug is doing any good is to look at the TOTAL risk of death.

    For example…

    Cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins dramatically lower LDL levels, but increase the risk of death.

    Julian Whitaker, MD, has noted that while oral diabetes drugs lower blood sugar levels, they cause more problems than they solve.

    Dr. Whitaker has stated that this has been known since at least 1973, when a paper came out showing this while he was doing his residency at Emory University.

    Dr. Whitaker has also said that when this paper came out in 1973, the doctor he was training under stopped using all oral diabetes drugs.

    Dr. Whitaker has said that he does not use any oral diabetes drugs to this day.

    Dr. Whitaker is the author of several books including “Reversing Diabetes”.

    A blood pressure study by Sylvia Smoeller (2004) shows that, in older women with hypertension without a history of cardiovascular disease, 7 out of 8 blood pressure drugs or drug combinations, although they lowered blood pressure, they increased the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease compared with those taking no drugs.

    So, do not be fooled by a number on a piece of paper.

    The only way to know if a drug is doing any good is to look at the total risk of death.

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