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  • Bromocriptine reduced body fat by 10.7% in diabetics on oral hypoglycemics without any weight loss

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    Thursday, October 15, 2009 12:02 pm Email this article
    Seven diabetics on oral hypoglycemics given bromocriptine lost 10.7 percent of their body fat without any significant loss of body weight, and no change in diet or exercise according to a 1992 study. Normalized Blood Sugar Levels

    3 of 7 diabetics stopped their oral diabetes drugs

    “Hyperglycemia was reduced in most of the 15 diabetic subjects treated leading to [normal blood sugar levels] and even cessation of hypoglycemic drugs in 3 of the 7 subjects during 4-8 weeks of bromocriptine treatment,” the paper notes.



    Timing of the Drug is Important

    Timing of the drug seems to be important.

    Drug given at 8:00 AM

    One study gave the drug at 8:00 AM.



    Conclusion: Bromocriptine may be effective when given at the right time and dose

    “These findings support the hypothesis that obesity and type II diabetes may be treated effectively with bromocriptine when administered at the proper times and dosages,” the authors concluded.



    Comment: Dr. Whitaker uses NO oral diabetes drugs

    Comment: Julian Whitaker, MD, author of the book “Reversing Diabetes”, does not use ANY oral diabetes drugs.

    The research shows that elevated blood sugar levels are not the problem.

    He has patients walk for 10 minutes after they eat because this is the only time that cells can absorb blood sugar without insulin.

    He has said that a study came out in 1973, when he was doing his medical residency at Emory University, which showed that oral diabetes drugs caused more problems than they solved.

    He said that the doctor at Emory University he was studying under at the time stopped using all oral diabetes drugs after this study was published.

    If you are taking an oral diabetes drug, you may want to read Dr. Whitaker’s book.


    Meier A, Cincotta A, Lovell W. Timed bromocriptine administration reduces body fat stores in obese subjects and hyperglycemia in type ii diabetics. Experientia. 1992 Mar 15, 48(3):248-53.


    Dept. of Zoology and Physiology
    Louisiana State University
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70803 USA

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