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  • Cure for alcoholism, anxiety & depression, Joan Mathews Larson, PhD - 3 of 3 - You must do lab tests

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    Monday, September 14, 2015 3:33 am Email this article
    In this 3rd part of Dr. Julian Whitaker's interview with Joan Mathews Larson, PhD, she notes that drugs are not the answer for alcohol and drug problems, nor for the treatment of anxiety and depression.

    Dr. Larson notes that she is bewildered how doctors can believe that drugs can solve the problem rather than using the natural chemicals that we are made of.

    Dr. Whitaker notes that psychiatry is fraudulent because they do no lab testing to verify their diagnosis.

    Dr. Whitaker also notes that a medical journal could not find a single research psychiatrist who had not been paid by the drug companies.

    Dr. Larson notes that psychiatric drugs destroy key chemicals that are necessary for us to feel normal.

    Dr. Larson also notes that you must do lab tests to determine what is wrong so you can fix it.

    As she says… “You need to use Ford parts to fix a Ford.”

    Dr. Larson also notes that when you give them the right nutrients to fix what is broken, “Sometimes people get well so fast that even startles me.”

    And finally, she says… “When you’re dealing with the physical, if you can put back what’s needed, they just rise from the ashes.”

    So what is the climate like in the alcohol treatment environment?

    You mean, is there any hope for change?

    I’d really like to tell you there is, but, in fact, there is a more sinister move that has happened lately.

    That is welcoming in psychiatry to exchange the drugs and the alcohol for other drugs that are currently popular among psychiatrists.

    You mean, Prozac and Zoloft and Paxil?

    [Yes,] and more than that.

    For things that don’t call for drug at all in my opinion, they give Zyprexa, Seroquel, and Risperdal for sleep.

    It’s insane. It’s absolutely insane.

    They go into diabetes with those drugs.

    I think the large pharmaceutical companies are far larger risk to our country than the illegal drug trade.

    Absolutely. In fact, they are taking over the drug trade.

    That’s what now the studies are showing that kids, especially the teenagers and college kids, are just going into the medicine cabinet and using whatever they can find there in psychiatric or psychoactive drugs, because they work fast and they’re free. They don’t have to stand on a street corner to get them.

    It’s frightening that the treatment of these chemical addictions is with other chemically- addicting and debilitating substances.

    It’s incredible to me.

    I know, you’ve seen it grow over the last 25 or 30 years, have you not?

    [Yes,] I have.

    And what really bewilders me is how people can believe this kind of thing, that the brain is actually functioning on toxic, foreign substances [drugs] instead of

    the real chemicals that nature has created [made from vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids] the blueprint for human life that we’ve run on for millions of years.

    I say to our people, [you need to] use Ford parts to fix a Ford.

    We definitely are treading water when it comes to psychiatry.

    Psychiatry is fraudulent.

    They don’t have any diagnosis [objective lab tests] to verify any of their diseases.

    They don’t have any evidence of chemical imbalances or abnormal chemical balance in the brain.

    They don’t have any test for that.

    They make this stuff up.

    People don’t realize this.

    But they have the DSM-IV [Diagnostic Statistical Manual, 4th Edition] with about 400 different classifications of ridiculous kinds of symptoms.

    It would be laughable if big Pharma didn’t use all of the psychiatric profession.

    I remember… in one of the journals… they wanted to have a psychiatrist write an opinion on some of the drug therapies for depression.

    They wanted to find a credible research-oriented psychiatrist that was not polluted by drug money… with consulting fees and sponsoring fees, etc.

    They couldn’t find a single one… not a single academic or research-oriented psychiatrist that was not polluted by drug money.

    The reason the drug companies buy the psychiatrist is they push the drugs.

    So [the drug companies] have a vehicle to push all this psych junk [psychiatric drugs].

    It’s insane.

    They’re pushing them even on children.

    The number of children they prescribe these antipsychotic drugs for has increased by over 400% in the last 10 years.

    Either our children are going insane, or more likely, they are

    creating, for-profit, a nation of little junkies.

    I know that. And what’s happening is that you drug up these kids and they don’t follow the natural growth, maturation process.

    It is short-circuited by all these drugs.

    And now are facing a culture where none of the kids were allowed to grow into adulthood.

    Their childhood has just been a haze, a dream.

    Each drug destroys levels of key chemicals that they’ve got to have to be normal.

    So over time, we see some of the strangest things, having been in business now for almost 30 years.

    It’s just [like the difference between] night and day, the young people coming to treatment.

    They can’t think anymore.

    They need something to run on.

    If you take away their drugs, then I can understand why treatment has been furnished another drug just so they don’t have to deal with what they’ve got without the drugs that they’re getting them off of.

    But what can happen and what should happen is real lab testing to see what is underneath their depression and their anxiety and their unstable emotions.

    And then fix what’s broken.

    The real lab testing with hypoglycemia and food allergy testing, and things are actually demonstrable and repeatable in future lab tests.

    That’s the way you treat these conditions.

    You don’t treat them by having them fill out a questionnaire.

    We [have] discovered all kinds of patterns that we now look for.

    About half of alcoholics are pyroluric [have elevated levels of pyrroles in their blood], so they’ve always been anxious.

    And it runs right through their families.

    So when you test one and see it, you can start looking over the family because the solution is the same for each of them.

    There is so much genetic stuff.

    Listen up folks. Listen up to what we’re talking about, and write this number down.

    You may need it.

    You or members of your family or your friends that need some help with [alcohol or drug problems, or anxiety and depression].

    The Health Recovery Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota is 1-800-554-9155.

    The website is healthrecovery.com

    Dr. Larsen has written a book called “Seven Weeks To Sobriety” [and another book on treating anxiety and depression called “Depression-Free Naturally”].

    You can also get the book[s] by calling 1-800-24-SOBER.

    Dr. Larson, with your new group that you formed in Sacramento “Addiction Solutions” of orthomolecular psychiatrists [who treat people with natural treatments such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids, things that are naturally found in the body to treat psychiatric problems such as anxiety and depression].

    Sometimes people get well so fast that even startles me.

    When you’re dealing with the physical, if you can put back what’s needed, they just rise from the ashes.

    Dr. Larson

    Dr. Larson’s contact information

    Joan Mathews Larson, PhD
    Health Recovery Center
    3255 Hennepin Av S
    Minneapolis, MN 55408 USA
    1-800-554-9155 phone
    (612) 827-7800 phone
    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    Dr. Whitaker

    Dr. Whitaker’s contact information

    Whitaker Wellness Institute
    4321 Birch St.
    Newport Beach, CA 92660
    (800) 488-1500 (949) 851-1550
    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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    On Apr 16, 2010 at 10:06 pm natually healthy wrote:

    . . . . .

    I had a career as a clinical trials project manager in the R&D;department of several large pharmaceutical firms for almost two decades. I must agree that drugs are NOT the answer. Drugs may be a stop gap measure, but they are almost never long term solutions. A naturally healthy approach that considers the whole person is a more promising modality.

    Some years ago, a very close and dear friend started to experience extreme depression and exhibit suicidal tendencies. He and I grew up together and I knew him well. As I watched in amazement at how it seems he was losing the will to live, I noticed certain things. He was smoking and drinking regularly and heavily. He was eating pure crap and he wasn't getting nearly enough sleep. He was also going through a turbulent relationship, which I believe triggered the depression.

    I couldn't stand by and just watch, so I encouraged him to pause his drinking, and smoking and to start running with me. We would eat at least a healthy breakfast and the running was causing him to be tired enough to get more sleep. Within a week, this more naturally healthy lifestyle started to have an impact that even he noticed. Within two weeks he was no longer depressed and started to pick himself up again. He regained his composure and to this day he has been able to maintain a relatively healthy outlook on life.

    On Apr 17, 2010 at 3:52 pm Larry Hobbs wrote:

    . . . . .

    Thanks for the info.

    If you have any interesting stories that you'd like to share about drug trials, let me know and I will be glad to post them as articles to inform people.

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