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  • The Oprah Enigma… A Weighty Question by Robert Skversky, MD

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    Monday, July 12, 2010 9:56 am Email this article
    When one thinks of Oprah, her celebrity status, immense popularity, enormous wealth, empowerment and philanthropy, few would argue that she is in a class by herself. However, when one thinks of Oprah, and her struggles with weight -- her yo-yo dieting, short term successes, long term failures, feelings of frustration, self loathing and blame -- she is in a class of 130 million other overweight/obese Americans who have tried and failed to maintain weight-loss over and over and over again.

    This article was written by Robert Skversky, MD, a weight loss doctor from Newport Beach, California. Oprah’s Guru’s

    Oprah surrounded by health care providers

    But lets not forget that Oprah has a triumvirate of highly-specialized, renowned, “health care” providers that surround her.

    There is Mehmet Oz, a brilliant physician and everyones Marcus Welby; Bob Greene, fitness guru to the stars; and Michael Beckwith, her spiritual advisor. (I imagine she also has a personal chef who can fix her delicious low-calorie meals.)

    So, If Oprah, with the help, support, and guidance of these extraordinary people is unable to take weight off and keep it off… one might rationally ask, “What hope does anyone else have?”

    At first glance… not much, zero, nada! But wait a second. To this physician there seems to be a major dis-connect. Thus, allow me to weigh-in. (Pun intended.)


    Weight Loss Doctors vs Oprah’s Guru’s

    Do weight loss doctors know something that Oprah’s gurus do not?

    Why is it that over the past 18 years there have been thousands of our patients at Weight No More Medical Associates who have been successful at long-term weight loss and maintenance?

    Is it possible that physicians like myself, who specialize in medical weight-loss, i.e., Bariatric physicians, who see patients day after day, month after month, year after year, know something that Oprah’s gurus do not? 

    I believe the answer is yes!


    Bob Greene on Larry King Live

    Bob Greene did a great disservice by telling people it’s simply a matter of eating less and exercising more

    When Bob Greene, Oprah’s fitness guru, stated on Larry King Live (Jan 7, 2009?) that losing weight is not “rocket science”; one simply has to eat in moderation and exercise more; he is doing a great disservice to the millions of overweight Americans who do exactly that and find it doesn’t work.

    Bob doesn’t understand that diet and exercise by themselves fail miserably for most, for sound physiological reasons.

    When you eat less, metabolism slows, fat oxidation and muscle expenditure decrease, with resultant eventual weight regain, frustration and failure.


    Bob Greene Suggested Losing Weight Is A Matter Of Making Better Choices

    Bob Greene did a great disservice by telling people that in order to lose weight, they need to make better choices

    And when Bob told Larry that “weight is a symptom of something else that needs to change in your life”, suggesting that until one begins to make better choices, become more disciplined, maybe more religious, in other words, “get their act together”, they have little hope for weight loss success.

    Once again, a great disservice to the millions of overweight and obese people who make correct choices, are disciplined, exhibit self esteem and “have their act together” in spite of their weight issues.

    This reminds me, maybe someone should inform the Dali Lama… because he’s about 25 pounds overweight! Maybe he’s on the wrong spiritual path!

    I believe Oprah and millions like her would do well to see a physician who treats obesity on a long-term basis as a chronic, metabolic, progressive, and genetic disease.

    They would do well to see a physician who understands and empathizes with the psychological, prejudicial, and discriminatory aspects that can have a profound effect on quality of life issues.

    They would do well to see a physician who has the expertise to safely and effectively use combination pharmacotherapy as an integral component in addition to diet and exercise for long-term success.

    They would do well to see a physician who knows, based on clinical studies, that a lot of money is squandered on worthless B12 and HCG injections and dietary supplements touted for weight-loss that serve only to “slim your wallet, not your waist.”

    If you are serious about losing weight, not just a quick fix, but for a lifetime of success, go see a weight loss specialist, a Bariatric physician.

    And while you’re at it, email Oprah to do the same!


    Dr. Skversky’s Contact Information

    Robert Skversky, MD
    Weight No More—Newport Beach Office
    320 Superior Avenue, Suite 210
    Newport Beach, CA 92663
    (949) 645-2930 phone
    (949) 645-1059 fax

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    View Map of the Office Location

    Weight No More—Temecula Office
    28441 Rancho California Road, Suite 104
    Temecula, CA 92590
    (951) 699-0848 phone
    (951) 699-0509 fax

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    View Map of the Office Location

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    About Robert Skversky, MD

    Originally from Philadelphia, Dr. Skversky received his medical degree from Hahnemann University (formerly Hahnemann Medical College) in 1970. He completed his family practice residency at Hoag Memorial Hospital in Newport Beach, CA, in 1973 and became a diplomate of the American Board of Family Practice the same year. Dr. Skversky is a staff physician at Hoag Memorial Hospital, a member of the American Medical Association, Orange County Medical Association, and the American Society of Bariatric Physicians. Dr. Skversky had been a family practice physician in Newport Beach for more than 22 years before practicing bariatrics full-time.

    Dr. Skversky has committed the past fifteen years of his professional career to the medical treatment of the overweight and obese patient. He has been at the forefront of treating obesity as a chronic disease using combination drug therapy, in addition to diet and exercise protocols on a long term basis.

    He has written numerous articles discussing the myths associated with weight control, putting diet and exercise in proper perspective, and the essential role of pharmacotherapy for long term weight loss. Dr. Skversky states, “Obesity is a metabolic, chronic and progressive disease with a significant genetic predisposition. It is similar to other diseases like diabetes and hypertension which it can cause or make worse. Chronic diseases need long term drug therapy, in most cases, for control not cure.”

    Dr. Skversky has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and has appeared on “Good Morning America,” “The Today Show,” and “The Early Show” discussing the appropriate use of medication “off-label” for long-term weight loss.

    Dr. Skversky states “The goal of a prudent weight-loss program goes beyond weight loss itself, but extends to the improvement in self esteem and empowerment as unexpected gifts of long term weight-loss control. This disease obesity needs to be taken seriously, treated seriously and most important, treated with respect.”

    “My commitment to my patients goes far beyond just helping them lose weight. My personal hope is that success in our program will be a stepping stone to an increase in self-esteem and will inspire people to achieve and excel beyond what they thought was possible.”

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