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  • Hypothyroidism increases infections; desiccated thyroid can cure infections without antibiotics

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    Wednesday, February 02, 2011 2:25 pm Email this article
    “One of the cardinal symptoms [of low thyroid]... is a susceptibility to infections,” Broda Barnes, MD, PhD said in a speech he gave called “The Importance of Thyroid Therapy in Preventive Medicine”.

    This 3-minute audio clip is from his speech. The text of the audio clip is below.

    Low Thyroid Can Cause Infections Anywhere

    It does not matter where the infections are

    “It doesn’t matter where it is.”

    “It may be sinus [infections].”

    “It may be respiratory [infections].”

    “It may be pneumonia.”

    “It may be bladder infections.”

    “It may be skin [infections including acne].”


    Curing Infections without Antibiotics

    You can cure these infections without antibiotics, and just giving desiccated thyroid

    “Every last one of those who have infections, you can get rid of most of them without antibiotics [by giving desiccated] thyroid.”

    “That doesn’t mean I don’t use antibiotics where I need them, but I don’t need them one-tenth as often as the average doctor.”

    “The immunity is related to the thyroid.”



    Giving desiccated thyroid to those with low thyroid function may help prevent cancer; His patients only had about half as much cancer as the national average

    “That may be another place where it’s helping prevent cancer.”

    [Elsewhere in his speech, he noted that cancer was only about half as common in his patients on desiccated thyroid as the national average.]

    “The immune system is in better shape, and the cancer [researchers] are now pointing all of their attention at the immune system, getting it built up, and it will help.”



    Barnes had not seen a case of pneumonia in 15 years in his patients on desiccated thyroid

    “This response of being less prone to infection is such that I haven’t seen a case of pneumonia in 15 years… I think I think can safely say 20 [years].”

    “[Patients on desiccated thyroid] just don’t get it [pneumonia], or if they do get it, they will get over it in fine shape.”

    “But if one of my patients got pneumonia tomorrow, he’d probably die because I wouldn’t know how to treat it. I haven’t seen one in that long.”



    Barnes had not seen a case of pneumonia in 15 years in his patients on desiccated thyroid

    “Tuberculosis… I have never seen [a person with tuberculosis] that wasn’t a low thyroid. My wife was one of them. She healed up of tuberculosis as a result of being on [desiccated thyroid].”


    Curing Infections with Desiccated Thyroid

    9 out of 10 infections can be cured with nothing but desiccated thyroid

    “We could go through be entire infectious fields – skin, the acnes – 9 our of 10 will clear up with nothing but [desiccated thyroid].”

    “The dermal infections… you just don’t see them [in people on desiccated thyroid].”


    Flu Shot

    Barnes did NOT give his patients flu shots, but instead treated those with hypothyroidism with desiccated thyroid

    “In fact, this resistance is raised to the point that even that the geriatric patients, I have not given a flu shot since I got out of the military.”

    “I have not used any flu shots since I got out of the military, and I have not had one elderly patient in the hospital with an infection during that period of time.”

    “It’s unbelievable how that resistance to infection will come up [by treating people with hypothyroidism with desiccated thyroid].”



    This audio clip is from a speech called ‘The Importance of Thyroid Therapy in Preventive Medicine’

    This audio clip is from a speech titled ““The Importance of Thyroid Therapy in Preventive Medicine” purchased from the Broda Barnes Foundation (BrodaBarnes.org) here:


    Broda Barnes, MD, PhD studied the thyroid for more than 50 years.

    He’s one of the great thyroid experts of all time. I highly encourage people to read this book and Mark Starr’s book called “Hypothyroidism Type 2”.



    More About This Wonderful Book

    I highly encourage people to read both Barnes’s book and Mark Starr’s book on Hypothyroidism

    This is wonderful book.

    I highly encourage people to read both Broda Barnes’s book and Mark Starr, MD’s book titled “Hypothyroidism Type 2”.

    Dr. Starr learned about thyroid problems from Broda Barnes writings and speeches, but Dr. Starr talks about additional material as well. For example, Dr. Starr defines the new term of Type 2 Hypothyroidism where a person has low thyroid function and needs desiccated thyroid even though their blood tests are normal.


    Cardiovascular Disease

    Hypothyroidism is THE MAJOR CAUSE of cardiovascular disease

    Dr. Barnes presents evidence that hypothyroidism is the major cause of cardiovascular disease.

    He notes that research going back a hundred years showed this, and that the cholesterol theory is WRONG.

    However, the cholesterol hypothesis of cardiovascular disease persists because the drug companies are making billions of dollars selling cholesterol-lowering drugs.


    Heart Attacks

    Heart Attack risk reduced 94% in his patients on desiccated thyroid compared to Framingham Study

    The shows that heart attacks among his patients taking desiccated thyroid was 94% than what was predicted by the famous Framingham study.

    He also tells how hypothyroidism can cause


    Fertility Problems

    Fertility Problems: Why not try desiccated thyroid first? There is NOTHING to lose by doing this

    The fact that hypothyroidism can cause fertility problems seems to have been forgotten or overlooked.

    If I were a couple and could not get pregnant, this is the FIRST thing I would try.

    It is an extremely LOW RISK idea.

    What have you got to lose by trying this?

    Absolute nothing.

    If I were in this situation, I would call Mark Starr, MD—phone: (480) 607-6503—and talk to him about the appropriate dosage of desiccated thyroid required.

    Dr. Starr notes that the average dose of desiccated thyroid required in patients with hypothyroidism is 3.5 grains.

    My impression is that most doctors have been convinced by the makers of Synthroid and thyroid researchers paid by the makers of Synthroid (T4) to only give Synthroid (T4) and let the body convert it into T3.

    But Dr. Barnes, Dr. Starr and other doctors who have used desiccated thyroid, ALL say that desiccated thyroid is superior.

    In fact, Jacques Hertoghe, MD, a 3rd generation endocrinologist from Belgium, who is not deceased, said that in most cases Synthroid (T4) does NOT work.

    Mark Starr notes this also in his book, showing that symptoms of hypothyroidism DID NOT IMPROVE with Syntyh

    and even University endocrinologists would be scared to give this much, fearing that it would be dangerous.

    However, Mark Starr notes that

    He also notes that hypothyroidism is associated with

    In a speech he gave in the 1970’s, he noted that cancer among his patients treated with desiccated thyroid were about half the national average, suggesting that correcting hypothyroidism with desiccated thyroid seems to reduce the risk of cancer.

    He also educated many people to the fact that desiccated thyroid is SUPERIOR to Synthroid (synthetic T4), and also noted in one of his speeches that when he switched his patients of desiccated thyroid to synthetic T4 plus T3, in a study he was doing for a drug company, he found that a number of patients could not tolerate the synthetic hormones, and that the synthetic thyroid hormones did NOT correct dry skin, and did NOT correct the edema, that is did NOT get rid of the excess water the way that desiccated thyroid did.

    Therefore, he said that he would only use desiccated thyroid, and NOT the synthetic T4 and T3.

    Broda Barnes, MD, PhD studied the thyroid for more than 50 years.

    He’s one of the great thyroid experts of all time.

    I highly encourage people to read this book and Mark Starr’s book called Hypothyroidism Type 2: The Epidemic


    Mark Starr, MD

    Contact information for Mark Starr, MD

    Mark Starr, MD
    21st Century Pain & Sports Medicine
    10565 N. Tatum Blvd Suite B-115
    Paradise Valley, AZ 85253
    (480) 607-6503
    (480) 607-6533 fax


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