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  • Hypoglycemia, 10 common signs, Joan Mathews-Larson, PhD

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    Wednesday, September 09, 2015 8:25 am Email this article
    Joan Mathews Larson, PhD discusses the 10 common signs of hypoglycemia in this video clip.

    Joan Mathews Larson, PhD opened the Health Recovery Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA in 1980.

    She treats both drug and alcohol problems as well as anxiety and depression with a nutritional approach—vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and a change in diet.

    Her success rate is 74% after 3.5 years compared to about a 5% success with “Talk Therapy” based programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

    She opened the Center in 1980 after her son had committed suicide in the 1970’s after returning home from a hospital-based “Talk Therapy” program. She thought there must be a better way.

    Her treatments are all based on scientific research.

    As Joan Mathews Larson, PhD notes, addiction problems are the result of biochemical glitches.

    Biochemical glitches cannot be “talked away”.

    They cannot be solved with Talk Therapy.

    There needs to be a paradigm shift in the treatment of addiction problems, away from Talk Therapy, and to where it is recognize it as biochemical problem that requires nutritional therapies to solve.

    Books by Dr. Larson

    Dr. Larson is the author of two wonderful books

    Joan Mathews Larson PhD is the author of

    Seven Weeks to Sobriety: The Proven Program to Fight Alcoholism through Nutrition


    Depression-Free, Naturally: 7 Weeks to Eliminating Anxiety, Despair, Fatigue, and Anger from Your Life.

    She has been treating people for drug and alcohol problems with nutritional therapies since 1980.

    She found that just about everyone who walked through their door had anxiety and depression, so she started treating that as well.

    She points out that drug and alcohol problems are the result of biochemical glitches that cannot be solved with Talk Therapy such as Alcoholic Anonymous.

    Contact Information

    Contact Information for Dr. Larson

    Joan Mathews Larson, PhD
    Health Recovery Center
    3255 Hennepin Av S
    Minneapolis, MN 55408 USA

    1-800-554-9155 phone toll-free
    (612) 827-7800 phone
    (612) 827-1948 fax

    Hours: 9:00 AM - 8:30 PM (CST)
    Monday thru Friday



    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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