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    Milk-only diet causes weight loss of 20.7 lbs in 4 months vs 3.7 lbs with conventional diet

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    Tuesday, October 19, 2010 10:47 am Email this article
    Patients who were told to follow a diet consisting of drinking milk only or milk plus one designated food daily lost 4 to 6 times as much -- 17-19 lbs more -- as those who were prescribed a conventional diet of 800 calories per day.

    The average weight loss for all patients including those who dropped out of the study at some point was

    The average weight loss for only patients who completed the four-month study was:

    “This study was designed to test the hypothesis that prescription of simple, novel diets would result in higher levels of compliance and weight loss in an outpatient setting over [ 4 months ],” the paper notes.

    “Patients were randomised to one of three diets, each of which was designed to produce an initial energy deficit of [ 950 to 1670 calories ] a day [ that is, containing 800 - 1340 calories per day ],” they continued.


    Diets: Milk-only vs Milk-plus-one-food vs conventional diet

    The Milk-only diet was a “variable combination of full cream or semi-skimmed milk and unsweetened yoghurt to provide the energy equivalent of the control diet. This diet was novel and simple but very restrictive.”

    The Milk-plus-one-food diet was “the milk only diet with the addition of an unlimited amount of a single food selected by the patient on each day of the week. Of these seven extra foods, three were a fruit or vegetable, two were a high protein food, and two were a ‘favourite’ food. The seven foods were repeated on the same day of successive weeks. It was intended to give the patient greater power to decide the nature of the diet without greatly affecting its nutritional characteristics. On average, this diet supplied [ 1330 calories per day ].”

    The conventional diet was a “balanced diet composed of a variety of normal foods designed to supply about [ 800 calories ] daily with at least 36 grams of protein.”


    No Exercise Program or Behavior Modification Were Incorporated

    No exercise program or behavior modification

    This study did not employ any exercise program or behavior modification.



    Subjects: 45 overweight people who were at least 17-years-old

    The study consisted of 45 patients who were at least 17-years-old with a body mass index greater than 27 who had attended an obesity outpatient clinic at St Bartholomew’s Hospital.



    Conclusion: Conventional diets don’t work

    “Within the limitations of a trial lasting only [ 4 months ] our results support the received wisdom that “diets do not work,” at least as far as the conventional balanced reducing diet is concerned,” the authors of the study concluded.

    “The milk only diet was simple and patients had not tried it before.

    “Patients completing the trial in this group achieved the highest overall mean weight loss [ 24.6 lbs in 4 months ], which is greater than the mean weight loss in one year in trials of [ the diet drugs ] dexfenfluramine [ Redux ], sibutramine [ Meridia ], or orlistat [ Xenical ].


    Side Effects

    Side Effects of Milk-only diet was constipation

    “Patients consuming only milk might be expected to become deficient in some vitamins and iron, but this was not found in another longer trial;

    constipation was the only serious side effect reported

    ,” the authors noted.

    Comment: This can easily be solved with a fiber supplement of ground flaxseeds, psyllium, cellulose or guar gum. My favorite is a couple Tablespoons of flaxseeds ground up in a coffee grinder, put into a dry, short, wide glass and mixed with water and consumed. It is simple, easy and works great for regularity and has numerous health benefits.

    “We expected that patients on the milk plus diet would have a greater weight loss than those on the milk only diet as it was still simple but much less boring and patients were more likely to comply with it.

    “The [ Milk-plus-one-food diet ] is also theoretically superior as it provides a greater variety of nutrients and an energy deficit of about [ 950 calories per day ] instead of a [ 1670 calories per day ]  deficit on milk only, which would cause an excessive loss of lean tissue.

    “Analysis of compliance (not reported) showed that it was similar for the two milk diets but much lower for the conventional diet. [ In other words, people on the conventional diet “cheated” and ate more than they were supposed to, which, of course, is common with all diets. ]

    Author’s Comment on Using a Milk-Only Diet

    Author’s comment: We are not advocating using a milk-only diet as a general long-term reducing diet

    “We are not advocating milk only as a general long term reducing diet for obese outpatients, because in the long term it will cease to be novel and compliance will fall.

    “Probably the best strategy is to rotate diets, just as rotation of anorectic drugs achieves greater long term weight loss than continuous use of a single drug,” the researchers concluded.



    Comment: I disagree that it would be better to rotate diets; stick with a simple diet

    I disagree with the authors suggestion that it would be better to rotate diets.

    Find one that works for you and stick with it, and as this study shows, keep it simple.


    Dr. Mercola Recommends Only Drinking Raw Milk From Certain Breeds Of Cows

    Dr. Mercola Recommends AVOIDING Pasturized Milk, And Only Drinking Raw Milk From Certain Breeds Of Cows

    Joseph Mercola, DO has written a number of articles about why you should AVOID drinking pasturized milk, and only drink raw milk from certain breeds of cows.

    Here are a few links to articles Dr. Mercola has written about milk.

    I know nothing about the subject, so I defer to him on this.

    Dr. Mercola: Avoid this Popular Beverage Until You Learn the Shocking Details.

    Dr. Mercola:  Demonized Since the 1950s – Yet Still One of Healthiest Foods Available [ An interview with Mark McAfee, the founder of Organic Pastures, one of the largest producers of raw milk in the United States. ]

    Dr. Mercola:  Choosing Between Raw Milk and a Dead, White Liquid.


    Summerbell C, Watts C, Higgins J, Garrow J. Randomised controlled trial of novel, simple, and well supervised weight reducing diets in outpatients. BMJ. 1998 Nov 28, 317(7171):1487-89.


    Dr Summerbell
    School of Health
    University of Teesside
    Middlesbrough TS1 3BA UK
    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    Articles on the same subject can be found here:


    On Oct 20, 2010 at 3:50 am Nicole Nelson wrote:

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    Curious to know how much milk were they allowed to drink?

    On Oct 20, 2010 at 9:57 am Larry Hobbs wrote:

    . . . . .


    I'll add some more detail to the article rather than leave it in a comment and give this info.

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