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  • HIV is NOT the cause of AIDS; AIDS is really syphilis says American biologist Lynn Margulis

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    Monday, June 27, 2011 2:41 pm Email this article
    AIDS is really just syphilis says American biologist Lynn Margulis in a interview on Discover.com.

    Here is the section of the interview where she talks about this.

    [Question:] Wait—you are suggesting that AIDS is really syphilis?

    [Lynn Margulis:] 
“There is a vast body of literature on syphilis spanning from the 1500s until after World War II, when the disease was supposedly cured by penicillin.

    “Yet the same symptoms now describe AIDS perfectly.

    “It’s in our paper ‘Resurgence of the Great Imitator.’

    “Our claim is that there’s no evidence that HIV is an infectious virus, or even an entity at all.


    “There’s no scientific paper that proves the HIV virus causes AIDS.

    “Kary Mullis [winner of the 1993 Nobel Prize for DNA sequencing, and well known for his unconventional scientific views] said in an interview that he went looking for a reference substantiating that HIV causes AIDS and discovered,

    ‘There is no such document.’

    “Syphilis has been called ‘the great imitator’ because patients show a whole range of symptoms in a given order.

    “You have a genital chancre, your symptoms go away, then you have the pox, this skin problem, and then it’s chronic, and you get sicker and sicker.

    “The idea that penicillin kills the cause of the disease is nuts.

    “If you treat the painless chancre in the first few days of infection, you may stop the bacterium before the symbiosis develops, but if you really get syphilis, all you can do is live with the spirochete.


    “The spirochete lives permanently as a symbiont in the patient.


    “The infection cannot be killed because it becomes part of the patient’s genome and protein synthesis biochemistry.


    “After syphilis establishes this symbiotic relationship with a person, it becomes dependent on human cells and is undetectable by any testing.”



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    Peter Duesberg

    20 years ago, Professor Peter Duesberg argued HIV was NOT the cause of AIDS

    Note: Way back in the late-1980’s or early-1990’s, Peter Duesberg, a member of the United States National Academy of Sciences and professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley, argued that HIV was NOT the cause of AIDS.

    To read more about Peter Duesberg and his arguments for saying this, see his Wikipedia entry here.

    Peter Duesberg’s website is Duesberg.com.

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