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  • 2.5 minute video about GMO foods by Jeffery M. Smith discussing problems with GMO foods

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    Sunday, July 24, 2011 8:57 am Email this article
    Here is an interesting 2.5 minute video called "Double Dipping Dangers" about GMO foods (genetically modified organisms) presented by Jeffery M. Smith, author of Seeds of Deception, and The GMO Trilogy .


    Smith notes that with GMO soybeans, a part of a gene is inserted into the soybean to make it “Roundup-ready” so that it won’t die when sprayed with Round-Up herbicide.
    However, that gene transferred to the DNA of the bacteria living in our intestines, and continued to function.
    Smith says that, so this means that long after eating these GMO soybeans, we may still have these genetically-modified proteins produced inside of us.
    He also notes that there are “pesticide producers” called “Bt” which stands for Bacillus thuringiensis.
    Smith notes that genetic engineers took the gene that produces the toxin, and inserted it into corn and cotton plants where it produces this Bt toxin at thousands of times the concentration as the spray form.
    Although it has not been studied, Smith asks, what if the gene that produces the Bt toxin transfers to the bacteria living inside your intestines, like it happened with the gene inserted into soybeans.
    Smith notes that, if that happens, it could turn our gut bacteria into living pesticide factories, continuously producing the Bt toxin inside of our intestines.
    Smith recommends that people, especially children, avoid GMO foods.
    Smith notes that the website nongmoshoppingguide.com tells how to avoid GMO foods.
    Jeffery M. Smith is the author of

    More information can be found on seedsofdeception.com.




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