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  • Fructose causes obesity by causing leptin resistance says Robert Lustig, MD

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    Saturday, October 15, 2011 12:02 pm Email this article
    Fructose causes obesity by raising insulin, causing insulin resistance which causes leptin resistance which reduces metabolism and increases appetite says Robert Lustig, MD.

    "Our environment is insulinogenic. We have to get the insulin down," Lustig notes in a slide show. Lustig Theory of Obesity

    Lustig Theory of Obesity : Fructose causes insulin resistance which cause leptin resistance

    Lustig’s slide show contains 109 slides, however, the four (4) slides shown below summarizes his theory of obesity.

    In summary, Lustig suggests obesity is the result of too much fructose which causes elevated insulin levels (hyperinsulinemia), which causes insulin resistance, which causes leptin resistance.

    He notes that when leptin levels are low as a result of not enough leptin, or when there is leptin resistance, which can be caused by too much insulin that can be caused by too much fructose, this produces a “starvation response”, reducing metabolism and increasing appetite, leading to weight gain and obesity.

    He notes that:


    Insulin Blocks Leptin?

    Lustig suggests that insulin blocks leptin

    Lustig also suggests that insulin blocks leptin.

    His argument for this is as follows:


    Fructose Causes Insulin Resistance Which Causes Leptin Resistance

    Fructose causes insulin resistance which causes leptin resistance

    He states that:

    He says from an evolutionary sense (Darwinian sense) that:



    Lustig’s summary of how fructose causes obesity by causing insulin resistance and leptin resistance

    In summary, Lustig notes that:


    Robert Lustig, MD

    About Robert Lustig, MD

    Robert H. Lustig, M.D. is a Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, in the Division of Endocrinology, and Director of the Weight Assessment for Teen and Child Health (WATCH) Program at the University of California, San Francisco.

    More info about Dr. Lustig is posted here.

    Robert Lustig, MD
    University of California, San Francisco
    513 Parnassus Avenue
    San Francisco, CA 94143-0434
    Campus Box 0434, S-679

    415-502-8672 phone
    415-476-8214 fax
    Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


    Slide Show

    Lustig’s slide show is posted here

    Lustig’s slide show titled “The Trouble with Fructose: A Darwinian Perspective” which contains 109 slides is posted here.

    The following four (4) slides summarizes his theory of the cause of obesity.


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