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  • No one chooses obesity; obesity chooses them notes Robert Lustig, MD

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    Wednesday, June 13, 2012 10:40 am Email this article
    "No one chooses obesity, obesity chooses them," notes Robert Lustig, MD, pediatric endocrinoligist from the University of California, San Francisco in the 7-part video series called “The Skinny on Obesity” (Episode 4).

    Physiology and biochemistry underlies all behavior

    Physiology and biochemistry underlying every behavior including eating

    “There is physiology… there is biochemistry underlying every single behavior. Sleeping behavior… eating behavior… sexual behavior… drinking behavior…. are all hormonally-driven,” notes Lustig.

    What we call behavior is really inhibition

    What we call behavior is really inhibition of a biochemical drive

    “What we call behavior is not behavior at all. It is the cognitive inhibition on that biochemical drive,” Lustig notes.

    “How long do you think that you can exert a cognitive inhibition on a biochemical drive that is going [on constantly all day long], that is getting worse every single day that you don’t perform it?”

    Willpower cannot overcome this

    Willpower cannot overcome this biochemical drive

    “No one can exert cognitive inhibition… will power of a biochemical drive that goes on every minute of every day… It’s just not possible.” 


    Robert Lustig, MD. The The Skinny on Obesity, Episode 4.
    UCTV Prime: The Skinny on Obesity

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