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  • Birth weights have been increasing worldwide over the past 25 years due to mother’s diet, Dr. Lustig

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    Tuesday, June 19, 2012 10:10 am Email this article
    "[In] 2009 to 2010, we saw a decline in [average] lifespan of 3 months. This is the first time in history of the world where lifespan started to go down rather than up," notes Robert Lustig, MD, pediatric endocrinoligist from the University of California, San Francisco in the 7-part video series called “The Skinny on Obesity” (Episode 5).

    [Over the past hundred years or so, lifespan has been increasing by roughly one month for every year, or an increase of one year every 12 years.]

    Fixing the diet

    We must fix the diet for pregnant mothers, for women before the get pregnant, for everyone

    “This can be transmitted from generation to generation.

    “Fixing the diet is not just question of fixing the diet for children, but fixing the diet for the mother who is pregnant, which means fixing the diet before she becomes pregnant, which means all the way back, in other words, fixing it for everybody.

    “That is a public health intervention.”


    Robert Lustig, MD. The The Skinny on Obesity, Episode 5.
    UCTV Prime: The Skinny on Obesity

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