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  • Statins increase life expectancy by only 2 weeks in those with a heart attack, Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

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    Wednesday, February 06, 2013 10:30 am Email this article

    In people who have had a heart attack or who have angina, statisticians have calculated that statins increase life expectancy by only 15 days—2 weeks!

    This is noted by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick in the wonderful documentary Statin Nation.

    Malcolm Kendrick is the author of The Great Cholesterol Con.

    Below is the quote of exactly what he said.

    “[Let’s say] at the end of the study, there are¬†50 more people alive [given a statin vs those given a placebo],” Malcolm Kendrick notes.

    “But how long does it take before those 50 people are dead?”

    “The answer is a very short amount of time.”

    “They have looked at this, statisticians, looking at the MRC [Study]...”

    [The MRC Study is the MRC/BHF (Medical Research Council/ British Heart Foundation) Heart Protection Study.]

    “Using a technique called the restricted mean-survival time…

    Statins increase life expectancy by only 2 weeks

    Statins increase life expectancy in someone who has had a heart attack by only 15 days

    “What you find is that in¬†Secondary Prevention Studies—the two that are most quoted—the 4S Study [the Scandinavian Simvastatin Survival Study] and the HPS, Health Protection Study—that if you took a statin for 5 years, that was the length of the trial…

    “You could expect to live, on average, 15 days longer. That’s it.”

    — Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, author of the book The Great Cholesterol Con, quoted from the documentary Statin Nation


    I encourage everyone who is interested in statins or heart disease to buy the Station Nation DVD and watch both the one-hour documentary as well as the two-hours of extended interviews.

    You can buy the DVD here:


    The DVD contains the one-hour documentary plus an additional two-hours of extended interviews with Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, Uffe Ravnskov, MD PhD and others.

    I enjoyed the two-hours of extended interviews every bit as much as I enjoyed the documentary.


    Dr. Malcolm Kendrick’s blog is here:



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