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  • CDC whistleblower admits that the MMR vaccine increases autism risk

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    Tuesday, March 22, 2016 9:21 am Email this article

    William Thompson, PhD, a CDC epidemiologist turned whistleblower, admitted to committing fraud in order to hide the fact that they had found a relationship between the timing of the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) Vaccine and an increased risk of autism in black boys.

    Thompson’s statement starts off by saying,

    “My name is William Thompson. I am a Senior Scientist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where I have worked since 1998.

    “I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics.

    “The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism.

    “Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.”

    See his statement here.

    A reanalysis of the CDC data which was done by Brian Hooker, PhD, who Thompson had confessed his fraud to, found that black males given the MMR vaccine before the age of 36 months (3 years) were 3.4 times more likely to get autism than those given the vaccine later.

    “The results show a strong relationship between child age at the administration of the first MMR and autism incidence exclusively for African American boys which could indicate a role of the vaccine in the etiology of autism within this population group. This particular analysis was not completed in the original Destefano et al. (CDC) study,” Hooker’s paper notes.

    Thompson admitted to fraud in recorded phone conversations

    William Thompson, PhD admitted this to Brian Hooker, PhD of the Focus Autism Foundation in a series of phone conversations which were recorded.

    See the YouTube video of Brian Hooker talking about this and playing some of the recorded conversations here.

    CDC knew about this MMR vaccine-autism connection as early as 2003, but covered it up

    Hooker told the press, “The CDC knew about the relationship between the age of first MMR vaccine and autism incidence in African-American boys as early as 2003, but chose to cover it up.”

    Dr. Andrew Wakefield was right

    Dr. Andrew Wakefield was right about the MMR vaccine-autism link.

    He authored a paper in 1999 which put forth a hypothesis that there might be a link between the earlier age of vaccination and increased risk of autism.

    He was made out to be a fraud, lost his job and lost his medical license.

    But it turns out that Wakefield was right, and it was the CDC who were the ones who committed fraud.

    See the YouTube video posted here.

    Do I believe that it is ONLY the MMR vaccine that increases the risk of autism? NO!

    Do I believe that it is (was) only the MMR vaccine that increases the risk of autism?


    Thimerosal (mercury) and Aluminum in vaccines is toxic

    I believe that any vaccine containing Thimerosal (a preservative which contains mercury in the form of ethyl-mercury increases the risk of autism (and ADHD and asthma) based on lectures from Boyd Haley, PhD, retired Prof. of Chemistry from the University of Kentucky.

    Boyd Haley, PhD has been studying mercury toxicity since 1987

    Dr. Haley has been studying mercury toxicity for at least 29 years, since 1987.

    Aluminum makes mercury more toxic

    Dr. Haley also notes that aluminum, which is found in many vaccines, increases toxicity of mercury, so aluminum containing vaccines will make the problem worse.

    Mercury more toxic to boys than girls due to testosterone

    Dr. Haley has also noted that testosterone increases the toxicity of mercury (which is higher in boys than girls), and estradiol decreases the toxicity of mercury (which is higher in girls than boys), and this is why boys are nearly 5 times more likely to get autism than girls.

    Fist case of autism diagnosed in 1940’s

    Dr. Haley also notes that they first case of autism was diagnosed in the 1940’s after they had started giving vaccines.

    Watch the Boyd Haley, PhD lecture

    Watch the YouTube video of Dr. Haley posted here or another one posted here.

    Why I am interested in this

    I became interested in the issue of mercury toxicity starting several months ago when in Dec 2015, I found out that I am suffering from mercury toxicity from a mouthful of amalgams and eating lots of sushi and fish based on the results of a Mercury Tri-Test from QuickSilver Scientific which separates out the different forms of mercury in our bodies based on a test of hair, blood and urine.

    I had or have 10 symptoms, some of which I have had for 29 years (since 1987), which can all be caused by mercury toxicity.

    I have spent over 600 hours researching mercury toxicity, listening to every lecture and interview that I can find of Boyd Haley, PhD, retired professor of Chemistry from the University of Kentucky who has been talking about the issue of mercury toxicity from dental amalgams for 29 years (since 1987) and later talking about the dangers of thimerosal and aluminum in vaccines; Chris Shade, PhD from Quicksilver Scientific, who developed a mercury test to separate out the different forms of mercury and developed a mercury detox program, and Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD who has been helping people detox from mercury, lead and other heavy metals for 30 years.

    Press Release from the Focus Autism Foundation

    Here is the press release from the Focus Autism Foundation.

    August 18, 2014 09:30 ET

    A Study by Focus Autism Foundation Finds: CDC Whistleblower Reveals Widespread Manipulation of Scientific Data and Top-Down Pressure on CDC Scientists to Support the Fraudulent Application of Government Policies on Vaccine Safety

    Whistleblower Says CDC Knew in 2003 of Higher Autism Rate Among African-American Boys Receiving MMR Shot Earlier Than 36 Months

    WATCHUNG, NJ—(Marketwired - August 18, 2014) - A top research scientist working for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) played a key role in helping Dr. Brian Hooker of the Focus Autism Foundation uncover data manipulation by the CDC that obscured a higher incidence of autism in African-American boys. The whistleblower came to the attention of Hooker, a PhD in biochemical engineering, after he had made a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for original data on the DeStefano et al MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) and autism study.

    Dr. Hooker’s study, published August 8 in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Translational Neurodegeneration, shows that African-American boys receiving their first MMR vaccine before 36 months of age are 3.4 times more likely to develop autism vs. after 36 months.

    According to Dr. Hooker, the CDC whistleblower informant—who wishes to remain anonymous—guided him to evidence that a statistically significant relationship between the age the MMR vaccine was first given and autism incidence in African-American boys was hidden by CDC researchers. After data were gathered on 2,583 children living in Atlanta, Georgia who were born between 1986 and 1993, CDC researchers excluded children that did not have a valid State of Georgia birth certificate—reducing the sample size being studied by 41%. Hooker explains that by introducing this arbitrary criteria into the analysis, the cohort size was sharply reduced, eliminating the statistical power of the findings and negating the strong MMR-autism link in African American boys.

    Dr. Hooker has worked closely with the CDC whistleblower, and he viewed highly sensitive documents related to the study via Congressional request from U.S. Representative Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. The CDC documents from Congress and discussions that Hooker had with the whistleblower reveal widespread manipulation of scientific data and top-down pressure on CDC scientists to support fraudulent application of government policies on vaccine safety. Based on raw data used in the 2004 DeStefano et al study obtained under FOIA, Dr. Hooker found that the link between MMR vaccination and autism in African-American boys was obscured by the introduction of irrelevant and unnecessary birth certificate criteria—ostensibly to reduce the size of the study.

    The results of the original study first appeared in the journal Pediatrics which receives financial support from vaccine makers via advertising and direct donations, according to a CBS News report. The DeStefano et al study is widely used by the CDC and other public health organizations to dismiss any link between vaccines and autism—a neurological disorder on the rise.

    Dr. Hooker stated “The CDC knew about the relationship between the age of first MMR vaccine and autism incidence in African-American boys as early as 2003, but chose to cover it up.” The whistleblower confirmed this.

    When asked if there could be any scientific basis for excluding children born outside of Georgia, Hooker responded, “I know of none, and none has been provided by the authors of the DeStefano study.” He added, “The exclusion is reminiscent of tactics historically used to deprive African-Americans of the vote by requiring valid birth certificates.”

    Dr. Hooker concluded further study is needed to determine why this specific effect (3.4-fold increase when MMR is administered prior to 36 months) is seen exclusively in African-American males, and determine whether delaying the first MMR vaccination should be advised for this population. A link between the MMR vaccine and autism has been conceded in cases compensated by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

    The CDC whistleblower informant, who has worked for the government agency for over a decade, remarked to Dr. Hooker in phone calls: “We’ve missed ten years of research because the CDC is so paralyzed right now by anything related to autism. They’re not doing what they should be doing because they’re afraid to look for things that might be associated.” The whistleblower alleges criminal wrongdoing of his supervisors, and he expressed deep regret about his role in helping the CDC hide data.

    According to David Lewis, PhD, former senior-level microbiologist with the U.S. EPA’s Office of Research & Development, skewing scientific data to support government policies is a major problem at federal agencies, including EPA, CDC, and USDA. Lewis, who was terminated by EPA for publishing papers in Nature that questioned the science the agency uses to support certain regulations, believes top-down pressure on federal scientists and researchers working on government-funded projects in academia is jeopardizing public health.

    “Working for the government is no different than working for corporations. You either toe the line or find yourself looking for another way to make a living,” Lewis says. “No one would be surprised if Merck published unreliable data supporting the safety of its products. Why would anyone be surprised that the CDC is publishing skewed data to conclude that the vaccines it recommends are safe? We need a better system, where scientists are free to be honest.”
    The Focus Autism Foundation is dedicated to providing information to the public that exposes the cause or causes of the autism epidemic and the rise of chronic illness—focusing on the role of vaccinations. Learn more at http://www.Focusautism.org

    Natural News posted an email from 2002 from William Thompson to his his CDC colleagues here, and a 2004 letter from Thompson here which expressed his concern about the study.


    Hooker BS. Measles-mumps-rubella vaccination timing and autism among young African American boys: a reanalysis of CDC data. Transl Neurodegener, 2014; 3: 16.

    The paper is posted here.

    Author’s Contact Info

    Brian S. Hooker, PhD
    Simpson University
    2211 College View Dr
    Redding, CA 96003
    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


    Statement of William W. Thompson, Ph.D., Regarding the 2004 Article Examining the Possibility of a Relationship Between MMR Vaccine and Autism. August 27, 2014. http://morganverkamp.com/statement-of-william-w-thompson-ph-d-regarding-the-2004-article-examining-the-possibility-of-a-relationship-between-mmr-vaccine-and-autism/


    Focus Autism Foundation. A Study by Focus Autism Foundation Finds: CDC Whistleblower Reveals Widespread Manipulation of Scientific Data and Top-Down Pressure on CDC Scientists to Support the Fraudulent Application of Government Policies on Vaccine Safety: Whistleblower Says CDC Knew in 2003 of Higher Autism Rate Among African-American Boys Receiving MMR Shot Earlier Than 36 Months. August 18, 2014, http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/study-focus-autism-foundation-finds-cdc-whistleblower-reveals-widespread-manipulation-1939179.htm


    Mike Adams. BREAKING: CDC whistleblower confesses to MMR vaccine research fraud in historic public statement. August 27, 2014. http://www.naturalnews.com/046630_CDC_whistleblower_public_confession_Dr_William_Thompson.html


    Wakefield AJ, and Montgomery SM. Autism, viral infection and measles-mumps-rubella vaccination. Isr Med Assoc J, 1999 Nov; 1(3): 183-187.

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