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  • Deaths from measles had declined 99.4% BEFORE measles vaccine was introduced, Boyd Haley, PhD

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    Sunday, September 04, 2016 9:24 am Email this article

    In this one-minute video clip Boyd Haley, PhD talks about how deaths from measles in England and Wales had declined by 99.4% from 1901/1902 to 1968 when the measles vaccine was introduced.

    In the slides in this video clip, Boyd Haley, Phd notes the following:

    Important Observations

    1. Today 2011, the USA has the highest infant vaccination rate in the world, yet the USA is number 41 on the infant mortality list.
    2. The USA has a very high rate of aged individuals being vaccinated, yet we are now number 28 on the longevity list.
    3. A recent report by Generation Rescue clearly shows the USA has the highest vaccine rate and the highest level of autism of 5 major countries.
    4. If vaccines decrease the rate of childhood death due to infectious diseases, what types of death are occurring that make the USA place #41 [on the infant mortality list]?

    ´┐╝USA Lags on Child Mortality, Figures Show—by Noam N. Levey Chicago Tribune May 23, 2010




    About Boyd Haley, PhD

    Boyd Haley, PhD has a PhD in both chemistry and biochemistry.

    Boyd Haley, PhD is a former Chairman & Professor of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Kentucky.

    Boyd Haley, PhD is a permanent member of the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) Biomedical Sciences, Study Section.

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