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  • Wheat germ found in whole wheat bread causes atherosclerosis says Steven Gundry, MD

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    Thursday, April 05, 2018 9:51 am Email this article

    Certain plant lectins cause atherosclerosis says Steven Gundry, MD in his very interesting book The Plant Paradox.

    Wheat germ found in whole wheat bread and other whole grain products is one of these lectins which causes atherosclerosis according to Dr. Gundry.

    Wheat germ causes additional problems as well listed below.

    His advice: “Simply steer clear of whole-grain bread and other whole-grain products.”

    In Chapter 2 titled Lectins on the Loose, he writes:

    “You’ve already met a stealth villain lurking in wheat: wheat germ agglutinin (WGA).

    “Just to be clear, WGA [wheat germ agglutinin] is not associated with gluten; rather, it is found in bran.

    “This means that white bread contains gluten but not WGA [wheat germ agglutinin], while whole wheat bread contains the double whammy!

    “Wheat germ agglutinin is an especially small protein compared with most other lectins, which are relatively large.

    “So even if the gut mucosal barrier has not been compromised, WGA [wheat germ agglutinin] can pass through the walls of the intestine more easily than other lectins can.

    “But this is just one of many ill effects caused by consuming WGA [wheat germ agglutinin].

    “It also:

    1. Behaves like insulin, disrupting normal endocrine function by pumping sugar into fat cells, where the sugar soon turns to fat, resulting in weight gain and the development of insulin resistance.
    2. Blocks sugar from getting into muscle cells, creating still more body fat, and starving muscles of nourishment.
    3. Interferes with the digestion of protein.
    4. Promotes inflammation by releasing free radicals, which can thin the mucosal lining of the gut.
    5. Cross-reacts with other proteins, creating antibodies that can induce autoimmune responses. These antibodies are distinct from those formed by a reaction to gluten.
    6. Crosses the blood-brain barrier, taking with it other substances to which it has bonded, and causing neurological problems.
    7. Kills cells, without distinguishing between normal and cancerous cells.
    8. Interferes with the replication of DNA.
    9. Causes atherosclerosis, the hardening of arteries from a buildup of plaque (which is never mentioned in conventional medicine).
    10. Enables entry of influenza and other disease-causing viruses into the body from the gut by bonding to the sialic acid in the mucosal lining.
    11. Contributes to the development of nephritis, or kidney inflammation.

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