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    Testing is the problem, not the virus says Mike Yeadon, PhD

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    Friday, November 06, 2020 1:11 pm Email this article

    Mass testing is the problem, not the virus says Mike Yeadon, PhD.


    Here are highlights in my own words from Mike Yeadon’s article.

    The pandemic was over in the UK by the end of June 2020.

    He notes, “there are still FEWER respiratory deaths than at the same time periods in all five of the years since 2015.”

    A small and potentially growing excess all-cause mortality is NOT consistent with deaths from Covid-19.

    People are dying from things like heart failure, stroke and diabetes due to stress and lack of medical care.

    The number of people hospitalized for respiratory problems is no greater than normal.

    PCR testing to detect Covid-19 is a disaster that cannot be trusted.

    He notes, “[PCR testing can] not only to find one molecule as small as a broken fragment of viral RNA and amplify it, sometimes by two to the power of 40, through repeated cycling, but also because it can find something that is not there – it can yield a ‘positive’ result even though the virus is not present.”

    Mass testing is the problem, not the virus.

    He notes, “Without the ‘cover’ of mass testing, there is no evidence at all that the health of the nation is under any threat whatsoever.”

    He notes, “the lethality of the virus is… very close to typical seasonal influenza.”

    The average age of people dying from Covid-19 is slightly older than the average age of those who die from other causes.

    People who get respiratory viruses get “long-lived and robust T-cell mediated immunity”.

    He notes, “That antibodies are falling was… wrongly touted as problematic and suggested immunity was fading. That’s the wrong interpretation. The human body does not maintain high levels of antibodies which are not needed.”

    Mike Yeadon, PhD obtained his PhD in respiratory pharmacology in 1988.

    He lead research into new medicines, operating up to Vice President and head of Respiratory Research at Pfizer.

    His article is posted on lockdownsceptics.org on 4 November 2020.

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