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  • Corporations are the biggest threat to democracy notes Senator Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

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    Wednesday, December 30, 2020 12:08 pm Email this article

    Senator Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. says, “The biggest threat to American democracy is outsized corporate power. There is a seamless unity between [government agencies like the FDA] and the vaccine companies. They have turned Americans into commodities.”

    Kennedy says that US President Franklin Roosevelt said during World War II that the domination of government by corporate power is the essence of fascism.

    Kennedy says that US President Teddy Roosevelt said that American democracy would never be destroyed by a foreign power, but American democracy would be subverted by men of great wealth.

    Kennedy says that US President Thomas Jefferson warned that corporations would grow and overwhelm democracy.

    Kennedy says that US President Dwight Eisenhower warned against the domination by a military-industrial complex, the unity of corporate and government power.

    Kennedy says that US president Abraham Lincoln, founder of the Republican party and probably America’s greatest president, said during the Civil War that he had the South in front of him, and the corporations behind him, and for America, he feared the corporations more.

    Senator Robert F. Kennedy, Jr’s website is here.


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