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  • Covid-19 deaths over-counted by 40% notes Senator Dr. Scott Jensen

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    Sunday, January 03, 2021 2:04 pm Email this article

    Covid-19 deaths are being over-counted by 40% notes Senator Dr. Scott Jensen from Minnesota.

    State Rep. Mary Franson and State Sen. Dr. Scott Jensen released this video and called for a full audit of Minnesota’s COVID-19 death certificates.

    “I sort of got myself in hot water way back in April when I made the comment that I was, as a physician, being encouraged to do death certificates differently with COVID-19 than with other disease entities. For 17 years, the CDC document that guides us as physicians to do death certificates has stood but this year we were told, through the Department of Health and the CDC, that the rules were changing if COVID-19 was involved,” he continued.

    Jensen and Franson looked at 2,800 “death certificate data points” and found that 800 of them did not have COVID-19 listed as the underlying cause of death, but were still counted as COVID-19 deaths.

    That means that those 800 people may have died with COVID-19, but not of COVID-19.

    “That would mean that we’ve had the number inflated by 40%,” said Jensen.

    In one case, a person who was ejected from a vehicle and died was “counted as a COVID death” because the virus was in his system, Franson claimed.

    “I have other examples where COVID isn’t the underlying cause of death. We have a fall. Another example we have a fresh water drowning. We have dementia. We have a stroke and multi-organ failure,” she said.


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