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  • The real agenda behind ‘the invisible virus’ Covid-19 according to Catherine Austin Fitts

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    Monday, January 18, 2021 2:10 pm Email this article

    Here is a 5-minute edited clip of an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts which will be part of a documentary called “
    Planet Lockdown”.

    The entire 48-minute interview is posted here.

    Catherine Austin Fitts is an investment advisor, a former investment banker, and was former Assistant Secretary of Housing in the first Bush Administration.

    More info about Catherine Austin Fitts is on her website here.

    She says that all the fear-mongering about Covid is because they want to institute a global digital currency, that people would not want if they knew what it was.

    With a global digital currency, if people in power don’t like what you are saying or what you are doing, they can turn off your money.

    She says that nobody would want this type of control over their lives, so how do you get people to comply?

    If the few want to control the many, how do you herd all the sheep into the slaughterhouse without them realizing this and resisting?

    You create an invisible enemy.

    Previously this invisible enemy was “the terrorists”.

    Now the invisible enemy is “the virus”.

    She says you create fear in the population so that people will want the government to protect them from the invisible enemy.

    She says that they want to destroy small businesses because these are the people who finance the populist candidates, such as Trump or Sanders, which they don’t want.

    She says the second tactic is to “divide and conquer”, turn men and women against each other, and turn black and white against each other, (or turn people against immigrants).

    The invisible virus allows them incredible control.

    You can stop people from gathering and organizing.

    You can stop people from getting together and talking about what’s going on.

    And she says, if you implement contract tracing, you can control who is talking to whom.

    She says if you can get people to do all their work and education online, you can listen to everything that they are saying.

    She says they can institute enormous amounts of surveillance in the theory that they are protecting you from the invisible enemy.

    She says, “And as you can see, it’s working with many people.”

    She says, “I don’t want to suggest that people are not getting sick.”

    She says, “What you were trying to do is to get people to buy into a solution before they see where it is ultimately going to go, because it is a transaction system that is ultimately a control system.”

    She says, “They are trying to dramatically concentrate political and financial control.”

    Dr. Mercola had an article about this on Jan 16, 2021, which is where I heard about it.


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