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    Hospital did not want doctor using hydroxychloroquine for Covid because of money

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    Monday, February 01, 2021 6:36 pm Email this article

    This is a 2.7 minute video clip of Simone Gold, MD from America’s Frontline Doctors talking about working in the emergency department, and giving hydroxychloroquine and zinc for the first time to a Covid-19 patient.

    This audio clip of Simone Gold, MD is from the 56-minute lecture given on Jan 14, 2021 posted here.

    She said the patient was much better within 12 hours, and was completely well within 48 hours.

    She said that this was completely consistent with what she had read.

    She notes that her medical director at the hospital called and threaten to fire her the next day for using hydroxychloroquine.

    She said that she asked him, “Why would you fire me over this?”

    He said that he did not think that hydroxychloroquine worked.

    She said, “So don’t prescribe it. You haven’t read the science the way that I have. I know it works. You will change your mind in a couple of months when you get a little wiser. Why would you get involved with me treating a patient? You do your thing, and I do my thing. That’s the way medicine works.”

    She notes doctors are licensed as individuals.

    She notes that the corporate practice of medicine, where a corporation practices for you, is against the law.

    She says that is why patients go to multiple doctors.

    She said that the most ignorant part of his conversation was his reason for saying that he would fire her if she used hydroxychloroquine, which he put in writing, was that the biggest payer at that hospital, which is a large insurance company on the West Coast did not want us prescribing it. They were blocking it.

    So the insurance company was pressuring the hospital that their doctors should not use hydroxychloroquine.

    She said that it had nothing to do with whether or not the medical Director thought that it was good or bad for the patient.

    It only had to do with money.

    He said that she could never do it again.

    She told him, “Well, good luck with that.”

    She kept prescribing it.

    She said that it happened 4-5 more times, then she was fired.


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