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    ‘You’d have to be crazy to take this Covid-19 vaccine’ says Del Bigtree

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    Sunday, February 21, 2021 5:24 pm Email this article

    “You’d have to be crazy to take this [COVID-19] vaccine,” says Del Bigtree of TheHighWire.com.

    “You’d have to be crazy to take this vaccine.”

    “Anybody with a working brain… has to know you can’t warp speed safety.

    “You can’t just look at a product for 90 days and determine what it’s going to do in four or five years.

    “They don’t know what it’s doing to you.

    “They don’t know what [is causing] the shaking, the paralysis, the palsy…

    “We don’t know what is happening to your body.

    “What we know is that [this technology] killed animals in animal trials when they came in contact with the virus.”

    He tells about a story where his neighbor decided to start breeding quail.

    But his neighbor was also breeding Labrador retrievers.

    One day his neighbor said that the dog had dug a hole in the fence the quail were coming through, and as soon as they came through the hole, the dog was killing the quail.

    And yet the quail on the other side of the fence were lined up waiting for their turn to come through the hole.

    He said when he reads the stories about people who are lining up to get the vaccine and asking what’s taking so long, it’s like the quail waiting for their turn to come through the hole.

    Del Bigtree has dedicated the last 5 years of his life to vaccine risk awareness.

    I have listened to hundreds of hours of lectures in interviews with Del Bigtree over the past couple of years.

    He has opened my eyes to all kinds of problems with vaccines.

    This video clip is from the video posted here.


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