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    Scottish nurse says she has seen traumatic injuries from the Covid vaccine

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    Wednesday, March 31, 2021 10:09 am Email this article

    Here is a 1.2 minute (edited) video clip of a Scottish nurse speaking out about Covid-19 and the Covid vaccines.

    She says:

    I have seen traumatic injuries from the [Covid-19] vaccine.

    [These injuries] are not getting reported…

    They are treating the symptoms, but [they are] not asking why [these injuries] are happening.

    When you speak about it, you are dismissed…

    Other colleagues are scared to speak out… they are scared of losing their job.

    [The government] has to keep the lockdowns going to [try and convince people] to get vaccinated.

    There are is no emergency.

    The hospitals are not busy.

    They never have been.

    I resigned…

    I can no longer be part of the lies and the corruption by the government.

    Silence is consent.

    The hospitals aren’t filled.

    The beds aren’t filled.

    Very [few] people have [died]… due to the coronavirus.

    Lockdown is affecting people more than this virus ever has.

    The full videos are posted on Twitter.

    Part 1 of 3 is posted here.

    Part 2 of 3 is posted here.

    Part 3 of 3 is posted here.


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