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  • Editorial on blood pressure drug Cozaar (losartan) is deceptive and disturbing notes Franz Messeri

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    Saturday, June 20, 2009 11:57 am Email this article
    [A statement made in a editorial about the blood pressure drug Cozaar (losartan)] is "disturbing." …

    "The authors seemingly want us to believe… [this] deceptive statement."

    -- Franz Messerli, MD, European Heart Journal, 2003.

    Cozaar [losartan] is an angiotensin II receptor blocker used for lowering blood pressure.

    Hi, this is Larry Hobbs @ FatNews.com

    An editorial which accompanied the LIFE study which compared the beta blocker atenolol with Cozaar (losartan) said…

    “Previous… studies… with diuretics or beta blockers or calcium channel [blockers] or [ACE] inhibitors have shown 36%, 42% and 38% reduction in stroke…”

    “A further 40% reduction in stroke with losartan [Cozaar] is an important finding” the editorial continued.

    This statement about Cozaar (losartan) “is disturbing” noted Franz Messerli, MD.

    “The authors seemingly want us to believe that had losartan been compared to placebo, [it would have reduced the risk of stroke by 80%.],” Dr. Messerli wrote.

    But this is NOT true according to Dr. Messerli.

    In other words, Cozaar (losartan) reduces the risk of stroke by 40%, not 80%.

    It is also interesting to note that “Cozaar [losartan]… did NOT reduce [heart attacks].”

    “Of the two treatment[s]… [losartan vs atenolol] Cozaar (losartan)]… is clearly the better one, [but as some might argue] since blood pressure
    was controlled only in 10% of patients… the lesser of two evils.”
    —Franz Messerli, MD

    “None of the studies [that the editorial referenced] documented a stroke reduction in the risk of stroke with beta blockers or ACE inhibitors,” noted Dr. Messerli.

    “… there seems to be little need to inflate these findings by a DECEPTIVE STATEMENT,” Messerli continued.


    Do not be fooled into thinking that just because a drug lowers blood pressure, or blood sugar or cholesterol that it must be good for you.

    The drug companies would like for you to believe this, but this is NOT necessarily so.

    The only thing that matter is how the drug affects your TOTAL RISK OF DEATH.

    I believe that potassium bicarbonate is vastly superior to beta blockers and the other blood pressure medicines for improving health.

    Ive been taking 1000 mg of potassium twice a day (2000 mg per day) in the form of potassium bicarbonate since 2000.

    My blood pressure dropped from roughly 140/80 mm Hg to 124/73 mm Hg.

    WARNING: Only take potassium under a doctors supervision. Too much potassium can kill you.

    Why not try potassium (bicarbonate) first?

    Daniel Amen, MD, a psychiatrist and author of A Magnificent Mind at Any Age, said on Public Television he uses natural treatments whenever possible.

    I use medication in my practice, but its NOT the first thing that I use.
    —Daniel Amen, MD, psychiatrist

    I always think about the least toxic, most effective treatment.
    —Daniel Amen, MD, psychiatrist

    And often, with [psyciatric conditions] [I treat them] with natural supplements [first].
    —Daniel Amen, MD, psychiatrist

    So in my mind, I think, why not at least try that first?
    —Daniel Amen, MD, psychiatrist

    I have to ask the same question about blood pressure.

    Why not try potassium (bicarbonate) first?


    Messerli F. The life study: The straw that should break the camel’s back. Eur Heart J. 2003 Mar, 24(6):487-89.


    Franz H. Messerli, MD
    Ochsner Clinic,
    Section on Hypertension
    1514 Jefferson Hwy
    New Orleans, LA 70121
    (504) 842-4077 phone
    (504) 842-3144 phone
    (504) 842-4220 fax
    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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