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  • Has Hydroxychloroquine Suddenly Become A Poison?

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    Friday, September 04, 2020 5:07 pm Email this article

    Here is a 2.5-minute video with some quotes from a very good article by an African writer, Philip Kobina Baidoo Jnr., about hydroxychloroquine titled “Has Hydroxychloroquine Suddenly Become A Poison?”

    The most important statements he makes are, “The big pharmaceutical companies are behind this nonsense,” and “this prodigious criminal hit job to take out Hydroxychloroquine to pave the way for their plandemic to run its course in order to justify the need for a worldwide vaccination.”


    “Anthony Fauci, a leading member of Trump’s Corona taskforce team, dropped a hydrogen bomb at the root of Hydroxychloroquine hopes. His reason against the drug was so bizarre that it got my alarm bells ringing uncontrollably. His excuse was that it had not gone through the gold standard test so he will not recommend it as a therapy to fight Covid19,” Baidoo notes.

    “It was incredible watching the 24-hour news channels lose their mind over the use of the hydroxychloroquine. It was one thing to demonise the man for political purposes, but their reaction when the drug could potentially help their compatriot that were falling like flies was very difficult to comprehend as an outsider.

    “If anyone can recall, at the onset of the plandemic, Melinda Gates, granted an interview on CNN which she made the outrageous statement that she could see bodies littering the streets of Africa because of poverty and inadequate health infrastructure.

    “Well, she could have been right, but it didn’t happen and there is a reason for it.

    “The fact is most Africans take one form of the quinine family drug [chloroquine] to combat malaria.

    And more importantly, the Chinese and foreigners who came to Africa and were supposed to seed the virus had taken the drug as a prophylaxis against malaria.

    “So, the poison drug inadvertently protected Africa from having dead bodies littering on our streets.

    “A careful study of the clinical trials that were used to discredit Hydroxychloroquine were all flawed. Either they used fatal doses or less.

    “But all things aside, this is a wakeup call to all African leaders that we cannot rely on foreign organisations even the World Health Organisation to manage our health and anything that is important to us.

    “The big pharmaceutical companies are behind this nonsense and if we do not put our acts together, they will be dictating to us what drugs to swallow and inject.”

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