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    High-glycemic index foods boost intake

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    Thursday, March 25, 2004 5:22 am Email this article
    High-glycemic index foods increase calorie intake by 50 to 80 percent when compared to medium- and low-glycemic index foods.

    This according to a study of twelve teenage boys.

    First they were fed a lunch of low-, medium- or high-glycemic index foods.

    All meals contained a similar amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates, as well as, fiber content and palatability. And all meals for each subject contained the same number of calories.

    Calorie intake was determined for the five hours following each lunch.

    Boys that ate the high-glycemic index lunch ate 53 percent more than those give the medium-glycemic index lunch, and 81 percent more than those given the low-glycemic index lunch (1,386 versus 908 versus 764 calories, respectively.)

    The high-glycemic index meal consisted of instant oatmeal, the medium-glycemic index meal contained “steel-cut” oatmeal, and the low-glycemic index meal consisted of a vegetable omelet with fruit.


    Ludwig DS; Majzoub JA; Al-Zahrani A; Dallal GE; Blanco I; Roberts SB. High glycemic index foods, overeating, and obesity. Pediatrics, 1999 Mar, 103(3):E26.

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