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    Insulin should not be given to obese type 2 diabetics with insulin resistance

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    Wednesday, May 07, 2008 2:23 pm Email this article
    Insulin should not be given to obese type 2 diabetics with insulin resistance according to Dr. Roger Unger, professor of internal medicine at Southwestern University in Dallas, Texas, USA, who has investigated diabetes, obesity and insulin resistance for more than 50 years. Giving Insulin is Illogical

    You need to reduce insulin resistance, not give more insulin

    “Giving more insulin to an insulin-resistant patient is akin to raising the blood pressure of a patient with high blood pressure to overcome resistance to blood flow. Instead, you would try to reduce the resistance,” Dr. Unger said.


    More Insulin Means More Fat

    Giving insulin increases fat

    “Giving more insulin simply channels the glucose into fat production.”


    Our Bodies Are Not Made For Today’s Diet

    Evolution did not prepare us for our current high-calorie, fast-food diet

    “Evolution was unprepared for the change in the American diet to processed fast food and drive-through lanes,” he said.

    “There’s no way that our genes could evolve to gird themselves against the superabundance of very, very high-calorie foods that have flooded the U.S.”


    Weight Loss and Lifestyle Changes

    Weight loss and lifestyle changes better than insulin

    Weight-loss and major lifestyle changes may be more effective than intensive insulin therapy for overweight patients with poorly controlled, insulin-resistant type 2 diabetes according to Dr. Unger.

    “Today there are many treatment options, including bariatric surgery, if necessary, to lower the fat content in the body before you start giving insulin,” he said.

    “The fat is causing insulin resistance and killing the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas—that is what is causing type 2 diabetes.”


    Type 2 Diabetes in US

    18-20 type 2 diabetics in US

    There are between 18 and 20 million people with type 2 diabetes in the US according to the Dr. Unger.


    Unger R. Reinventing type 2 diabetes: Pathogenesis, treatment, and prevention. JAMA. 2008 Mar 12, 299(10):1185-87.


    Roger Unger
    Touchstone Center for Diabetes Research
    University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, and
    Veterans Affairs Medical Center
    Dallas, Texas 75390-8854, USA
    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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