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  • People ate 159 more calories when given a large portion

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    Friday, October 22, 2010 8:54 am Email this article
    Portion size has a significant effect on the amount of food we eat according to numerous studies. People ate 25 percent more calories -- 159 more calories -- when given a larger portion size of pasta according to one study. However, they did not recognize that the portion size was any larger than normal, nor that they had eaten any more than normal. Study Design

    Study design: Customers given different portion sizes

    In a cafeteria-style restaurant on different days, customers were given a pasta entree that varied from a standard portion (9.8 ounces or 248 grams) to a large portion (13.3 ounces or 377 grams).


    43% More Pasta

    People ate 43% more pasta when given a large portion

    On the day they were given the larger portion size, customers ate an average of 43 percent more pasta, and 25 percent more calories for the entire meal (159 more calories).

    The amount of food eaten was estimated by weighing each dish before and after the meal.

    Frequently eating in restaurants is one of the behaviors associated with obesity, the authors of the study noted.



    Conclusion: Large portions are contributing to the obesity epidemic

    “Large restaurant portions may be contributing to the obesity epidemic,” the authors concluded.



    Subjects: 180 adults

    The study included 180 adult customers.


    Diliberti N, Bordi P, Conklin M, Roe L, Rolls B. Increased portion size leads to increased energy intake in a restaurant meal. Obes Res. 2004 Mar, 12(3):562-68.

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